Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Still NOTHING!!!

Well....another court date came and went for my son.  And still nothing.  He has performed like a circus act for the court. This entire ordeal has left me questioning WHY is it so difficult for a man who WANTS to co-parent their child?  There are so many men in the world who just walk away from their children...who don't pay their child support...who want nothing more than to carry on with their OWN lives.  He has had 1 one-on-one meeting with the mediator after paying $600 for his tentative 4 meetings, he has completed his parenting class at $60.  Yesterday's court date was nothing more than a status date.  How disheartening!  I had written up a motion for him to file with the circuit clerk for Temporary Relief for Visitation.  He asked the ladies at the circuit clerk desk if he needed to file it, getting a new court date, or since he would be in court that morning if he could just request it before the judge.  They told him he could just ask the judge to consider it.  Due to the weather and some of the judges not being present, the judge for his case had alot on his docket yesterday...  The judge told him it was "too soon" to ask for temporary relief.  And honestly...when the judge said it was too soon...he SHOULD HAVE SAID..."why is it too early?  I have
already had visitation with him prior to all of this."  But...that was never said...   Sometimes I question myself as to why I go to all the trouble of trying to help and talk to coaching.  If he is not going to do things as I suggest, what is the point and why do I continue to try?  I am thinking he NEEDS a lawyer...I did see something online where you can request an attorney in a nearby town who work for nothing or just a small fee.  He cannot afford a lawyer...this month alone, he has had only one full week of work due to meetings, court dates, and completing his court order.  How did he finance the $600 mediator fee?  He scrapped metal and received $400 for it...used his Christmas bonus for the remainder of it...How sad, but resourceful and determined!
When we walked into court, we saw the mother sitting outside the courtroom.  We overheard her talking to an attorney.  That attorney is one who works at the lawfirm where her mother works as a secretary/front desk.  We overheard her questioning this attorney regarding drinking.  Something about using that in her case.  WHAT CASE?  WHAT DRINKING?  Was she perhaps referring to her current boyfriend who has a recent DUI conviction?  The attorney asked her if she had proof and she stated that she did not.  What is this girl trying to do?  Cut him out entirely?  Like HER mother did to HER father?  I am deeply saddened by all of this...and even though this is not my DOES affect me personally.  It affects my ability to see my grandson whom I have seen since birth.  I am at a complete loss!