Friday, December 13, 2013

Round Head~My Favorite Annie~are DONE!!

Here are the 2 babies I made for a wholesale customer...this redhead is really NOT so red...darn flash!!

I LOVE doing this style of doll and can hardly wait to make round head bunny rabbits this upcoming season.

Today...I want to get something off my chest.

I detest winter...I realize it has to happen...I realize there is nothing I can do to change the fact that it is GOING to come regardless how I feel about it.  But, that doesn't mean I HAVE TO like it.  I just have to tolerate it.  

Yes, I live in northern Illinois...just 7 miles from the Wisconsin state line....cold temps accompanied by lots of snow is inevitable for these parts and I am fully aware of that fact...I have lived here for too long not to know it...
I also dislike how people wish for a white Christmas...that live right here in northernIllinois/southern
Wisconsin...PEOPLE...Christmas is going to come whether or not there is snow on the ground or not...and the snow just makes it more miserable.  LOL...that didn't sound right...but I am leaving it and will explain. 
When it snows...and the roads become snow turns into such a MESS...salted, cindered, slushy, slippery, and just a dirty ugly mess.  I hardly go anywhere if the roads are covered...and I have 4-wheel drive...which is "mandatory" here in Illinois...if you want to really go anywhere...LOL.  So, I have to wait to get fabric until the roads are completely clean...and free of that sloppy stuff...I don't mind them a bit wet from the salt...but I am not moving my hiney anywhere if there is snow on the road.   Honestly...I don't see what is sooooo pretty about dirty snow? It is my firm belief that the roads should have heating elements beneath them....ran by solar power...LOL...which would eliminate plowing, salting, and alot of road repairs. hahaha! VOTE FOR ME for Illinois road commisioner!  kidding!
Yes...I think that when frost freezes on the trees and turns them sparkly white it is very pretty...but that isn't is frost.  Anyway....enjoy looking at the White Christmas rant is over...LOL


  1. I like them very much, expecialy the second one

    1. Thanks so much Sasha! The fabric on the second one I use alot of times. I love that it already has a grungy appearance.

  2. Very pretty. You mentioned that they were for a wholesale client, do you make any of your dolls for sale to individuals?

    1. Yes, Kathleen...I do create dolls for customers. And this just happens to be one of my favorite dolls to create. You can find me on facebook by scrolling down and clicking on the facebook badge on the right. You can message me there regarding any orders you wish to place. Thanks for asking!!