Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rumor of a Blizzard....NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo

Yes...that is what I just read on the weather channel....UGH....MAKE IT STOP!!! It is supposed to start snowing here in Northern Illinois Monday afternoon at 3PM and continue until 3PM on Tuesday.....but it doesn't stop continues to snow more and then the winds pick up! AAAARRRrrrrgggghhhh! Drifting snow into 4-8 foot drifts! ReedonkUlus!

Maybe that will help keep me inside....well, I know it will! I don't venture out AT ALL when it is snowing. In fact, I hate driving when there is snow on the roads...PERIOD. I get too nervous!

But, on a happier note. I have finished alot of dolls over the past few days since hubby has been away ice fishing. YAY!! Here are some photos of what is up for grabs on Ebay.

I swore up and down that I wasn't going to make these little $10 Annies anymore....but there is just something about them that makes me continue to do them. I went thru my fabric stash on Saturday morning and came across some leftover pieces from a custom order awhile ago...the cow print and the pantry print...I just couldn't toss them out...there was too much of them to get rid$10 doll clothing! And I really really like those stitched faces. If those would sell good for me....I would much rather do them than all that painting and shading...LOL!
I also did a little 11" set of Irish Annies from my AnnaMarie pattern....and I have them listed on there also....

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Dollies....New Pattern....

First new pattern #139 Krista Lynn. She is a combination of 2 other dolls. I recently made a few custom creations for my scarecrow doll Sydney. Sydney has rope hair and wears a hat....and once I finished the last one...I was looking at her and thought...hmmmm....with a different head....and some hair...she would make one beautiful Annie. And thus...the birth of Krista Lynn.
She is 18" of pure cuteness!! I had recently made a custom breast cancer awareness doll for another customer who wanted pink hair on that Lynn recieved some of that remaining pink hair that matched really well with this fabric I found on the clearance rack...which I usually never check....but for some reason that day...I did and found these two fabrics that really worked well of each other. She is listed and up for grabs on Ebay. The pattern is on my selling blog, Etsy, Ebay and PatternMart.

And I finished another of the Be Mine Annies, but done in pinks, last nite. She is listed and up for grabs on Ebay.
I was all out of the doilys for her I made one out of warm and natural with a blanket stitch all the way around it. I actually think I like the handmade collar best! Wish I would have done that for the pattern. I wanted to give her brown hair...but I just couldn't resist using red hair with pink clothing. It truly is a myth that redheads shouldn't wear pink.
Here are some links to view more photos or patterns.
Krista Lynn Pattern @ PatternMart HERE
Krista Lynn Finished Doll @ Ebay HERE
Be Mine Annie Pattern @ PatternMart HERE
Be Mine Annie Finished Doll @ Ebay HERE

Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside.....

Well, after 2 weeks of nursing my is back to normal. I don't know what I did to it...I think I may have pulled some muscles in it or something...but it really slowed me down....and I get bored easily when I am not making something. It hurt so badly it was hard to hold a pair of scissors...UGH!! I couldn't stand I went out and purchased a pair of scissors that are recommended by the arthritis foundation....SERIOUSLY!! And a glove that is tight on your hand but allows your fingers to dangle out of it....I felt like busting out a Michael Jackson moonwalk when I was wearing this thing. All I needed was a bit of glitter on this gold glove! is soooooooo cold here this morning...I think we even had a light dusting of the white stuff last nite. I am soooo done with winter! Enuf is enuf!
Thought I would post up my new addition to the Etsy shoppe. Bottom photo of Hayden and Iggy. Just listed this set on there this morning. Maybe it is too early for Bunnies? But this is a wonderful little set. More springy in appearance than Easter looking.
And my new pattern for Be Mine Annie which is the top photo and is now listed in the Etsy Shoppe, Ebay and PatternMart. YAY!! The actual doll is listed on Ebay.
Here are some links to the listings....
Finished doll HERE Finished Bunny Set HERE Be Mine Annie Paper Pattern HERE

Friday, January 7, 2011

My 100th post...NEW PATTERN

Well....I finally had time to type up the instructions for pattern #137 Here Kitty Kitty just this morning.

My grandson is not here this it is more quiet...thus I can think better...LOL!!

I have listed her on Ebay and I have her listed on PatternMart also. I am a new seller on the PatternMart site. Hopefully that goes well...I really like that site and have purchased many e-patterns from there. UNFORTUNATELY...I do not know how to make my patterns I am selling them on

PatternMart as mailed patterns also. And they are cheaper on PatternMart. Not so many fees and stuff. Someday I will become computer smart....but don't hold your breath. I'm not. This is the only pattern I have listed there so far. I will add more over the weekend. It is a very easy to use site so far. Thank goodness!

I am also listing her in my Etsy Shoppe...later today. So she is making quite a debut in just a matter of hours...LOL!

Here are some links to view the pattern at various sites.


Thanks for taking a peek ladies!!♥

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Dollies....New Pattern SOON...

I have finished these dolls in the last few days or so...they are listed on Ebay.

This top photo is my new doll...Here Kitty Kitty. I am going to work on the pattern instructions today....if I can. She has been finished since Sunday!

She is about 18" tall wearing a paisley print dress. Over top she wears a pink and white gingham check apron which is decked out with rick rack trim and buttons near the bottom. She comes complete with her Kitty named Kat.

Click HERE to view more photos for this listing.

Of course the little Ten Dollar Annies....

I have 4 of them listed and will be working on 4 more as soon as I finish 2 of those ROUND HEAD DOLLS that gave me so many gray hairs just last week.
Yep...I am still having difficulty...but I have tweeked the pattern for the clothing just a bit. But the head.....STILL doesn't attach so easily!
I even made the neck knob larger...UGH! And

I really like the way the doll looks once finished. A lady custom ordered one done in Breast Cancer Awareness fabric and pink hair.

If you would like to view the listings of these 4 little dolls for more can click HERE HERE HERE and HERE to see them on Ebay.


I am up to 93 followers....and this is my 99 blog entry...WOOT WOOT

AS PROMISED.....once I reach 100 followers...there will be another dollie giveaway! And she will be a cutie! I already have her saved back especially for this.