Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I know it has been awhile since I have blogged...and I must look like the ghost of Christmas past...but I wanted to tell you about a pattern sale for the upcoming holiday season I am having on Ebay and within my Etsy shoppe....

THE PICK 3 SALE. That’s right… 3 patterns of your own choosing for $21.00. That’s only $7 per pattern. A savings of $12 on three! And YOU don’t even have to print them…I do…and they come to you via your postman in plastic pattern bags which help keep all your pieces in one place. Shipping on 3 is $2 saving you yet another $1…for a total savings of $13…it is like buying 2 and getting one FREE! International customers…you save almost $3 on shipping!

Here is how it works. You will ONLY use the 2 specific listings to purchase your 3 pattern choices. DO NOT purchase patterns separately. Browse thru my pattern listings for your 3 pattern choices...you DO NOT have to purchase the ones shown in the photos...They don't even need to be holiday patterns...it is all up to you. You will then place a note into your purchase…or message me as to which patterns you would like. All I will need are the 3 pattern numbers. It’s as simple as that! So no more wondering what you should make this holiday season for your upcoming craft shows and bazaars…there are plenty here to choose from...and now is the best time to get them!!

So plug in those sewing machines and get your foot on the pedal to begin creating some unique items for this holiday season!

Here are the links to get you there....

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  1. Ой, какая красота!!! Чудный снеговичооок)))