Friday, July 29, 2011

Tamales and Frankenstein...?...

Sounds like a heck of a combination...right? Well...that is what I have done today...

I have my tamale meat cooked, shredded, and seasoned and in the fridge soaking up all those wonderful flavors. Tomorrow...I make, cook and eat tamales!!! I haven't made these in over 3 years!! About time!

And Frankensteins!! I finished up 2 of these and listed them on Ebay this afternoon.

They are created using a My Darlin' Dolls pattern with a few of my own the eyes...the quilted nose for more definition...the pennant...and those hi-top sneakers!!

This guy looks more like a frat boy than a frankenstein...except for those stitches on his lower chin.

He is still absolutely cute in my book! I just love his ears!! So funky!! And that expression on his face...makes me laugh!!

Here is the link on ebay...He also has a "twin" once you get on sellers other items...