Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My son is home from surgery... I reported last...Ryan did not have cancer...or a was a fluid build up. He had 3 with it...and it would eventually swell to the size of an orange then a grapefruit...then a cantaloupe. Have it drained in the office...and within 3 months it could come back. Or have it surgically drained and the blockage removed. He opted for the removal. I was glad that he chose to do that. But what an ordeal he went thru.
He had the surgery yesterday...the day after the 4th of July. His surgery was supposed to begin at we had to be there for check in and prep by 6:45. He didn't eat or drink since after midnite.
We arrived there on was a 45 minute drive to the hospital...and the Dr. had an emergency so we got sent home until our next arrival time of 10:30 with surgery scheduled at 12:30. We were once again on time....but surgery didn't happen until 1PM. Did I mention that this kid hadn't eaten or even had a sip of water since before midnite?...

I heard from the nurse that the minute he woke up in recovery...he asked where the nearest KFC was...LOL!! And that is exactly where I took him once he was released.
Of course he didn't go inside...he could barely walk. He is getting around a bit better today and I have fixed up the guest bedroom so that he is more comfortable than going downstairs to his room. I just don't think he is ready for stairs yet...unless they are equiped with a chair.

The doll to the left is what I worked on while waiting at the hospital. The anesthesiologist did a double take...asked me if that was a doll. LOL! I explained that I am not really good at the grungy black folk art dolls yet...but the effort is there. So...naturally, she and her little chicken and the basket of eggs are listed on Ebay.

I have named them "Had a Lil' Chicken" which for some reason...I was sitting at the hospital, stitching the chicken footprints...and putting the chicken pocket onto the apron...and THAT SONG popped into my head that my husband used to sing to the kids when they were little...IT WOULDN"T GO AWAY!! It lingered til this morning when she was I gave in...and named this set...and pattern Had a Lil' Chicken.... Below are the links to the doll and the pattern.

I am leaving for vacation tomorrow...and I won't be back until July if you purchase the pattern for this set...I will be adding a bonus pattern to your envelope for choice of course.
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  1. I so happy to hear that your is ok. He will be up and around in no time. That doll is so cute. Hope you have a great vacation.!

  2. Glad surgery went well and your son is home getting better...I sooo love your doll.. She is so prim and wonderful!! Hugs, Tina