Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last Sunday...July 3rd...I tried to surpress a sneeze. I felt a sharp pinch in the left side of my neck...and it suddenly felt like I had slept on my pillow wrong. I had been awake quite awhile and just knew it was from trying to hold back that sneeze. I figured it would go away...like a crick in your neck usually does. Little did I know that 5 days later it would feel the same and the pain would travel down to my middle and ring fingers....with most of the pain being in my shoulder, neck and elbow. I finally decided to stop trying to suck it up and went to the Dr the day we were supposed to leave to go finish up the remodeling of the camper. The nurse practitioner gave me anti inflammatory pills along with steriods...woo hoo. The 3 hour ride to Tomah was unbearable. I used the "dogs blanket"...he NEVER uses it...so why let it just sit in the backseat....as a neck brace and kept repositioning my arm every 2 minutes. It was terrible. And I even wondered WHY I had gone to the doctor in the first place if I weren't going to see some sort of immediate relief? I mean...I told her I was popping Ibuprofen tablets 3 at a time and they just weren't cutting it! Why didn't she deem it necessary to give me some sort of pain medication? And I wanted the good stuff...not some 800 miligrams of tylenol! Which she didn't give me anyway! And I mentioned that we were going camping and hopefully have a day of pleasure to ride the wheelers. She suggested that I "Absolutely NOT ride any 4 wheelers"!! Boooo...way to ruin my weekend...surely I could ride one handed...afterall...the throttle is on the right side! So...by bedtime...the pain still hadn't gone away...and needless to say I kept my husband awake AND the dog...by tossing and turning in the camper! LOL! I swear I woke up every 2 hours to view the clock and turn over. I was up at 5:30AM making coffee and taking more pills. By midday...the left arm and neck area were starting to feel pretty good. Not 100% but good enough to help Randy and his Mom put down the new floor and ceiling in the bump out of the camper. Finished it! YAY! I helped move the couch back into its position in the bump out and threw my arm out YET AGAIN!! By the next morning...the arm was feeling 80%...and I decided I would help carry wood from the wagon to the side of the shed. Not just a piece at a time...oh no! I was carrying armloads of 10 pieces...just wanted to get it done y'know! Well...needless to say...I pinched the nerve again! Later that day...about noon...my husband decided we would just go home...since I couldn't seem to behave myself. And at least at home...I would just be sewing...how hard could that be to behave? I have been a good little sewer for the past 2 days...LOL! My arm is still NOT 100% and sleeping is still not a relaxing event...but I have not thrown it out since I have been back home. I have been concentrating on making a pumpkin head doll...and she is finally finished. I will be working on pattern for her soon.

Hope you all had a better weekend than I had!!


  1. ОООО сказочно красивая и чудесная киса))) Какой у Вас талантища))) Постоянно Вас смотрю)))

  2. Kat, Sorry your sneeze turned into all that pain. Geesh.
    I just love your new pumpkin witch doll!

  3. Hi...I feel your pain..sometimes the most simple of things can turn out to be so big. I have always heard never suppress a sneeze..now I can see what can happen. Take care...take it easy and soon you will be back to normal.I love the witch..especially the plaid fabric. We are getting our fabric department back in Wal-Mart...so many people complained. I hope they will have the homespun fabric like the plaid back in the store.

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