Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just listed...and what I am working on today...

These are the 2 dolls which I just listed on Ebay. The one is blue is made using fabric I found at a garage sale UNUSED AND UNCUT...I purchased an entire box of very nice, clean, unused fabric for $5....I almost felt bad walking away with it for that cheap.

This heart print...I swear has been around since the late 90's...but I haven't seen it too much lately...so when I noticed it in the box...I HAD to HAVE it!!

Didn't know what I was going to use it for...but I like it as a pinafore apron on this dollie.

I will put a link at the bottom for more photos.

This one...The apron is a cloth dish towel...with the phrase HOME IS WHERE YOUR STORY BEGINS embroidered onto it.

I found it at a gift shoppe nearby. I knew I wanted to use it for an apron...and the fabric I had at home matched perfectly with it!!

Today I am working on 2 Frankenstein dolls...new pattern...but not mine...it is by My Darlin' Dolls. Really cute....!! Can hardly wait to see how he turns out.

Here's the ebay links for more photos...

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