Friday, July 15, 2011

1800 style Prairie Bonnet

So...I tried my hand at making one of these 1800's Style Prairie bonnets...a pattern I recently purchased from Backside of the Moon... Excellent pattern.

But as per my usual...I make things alot harder for myself than they actually are.

I read thru the instructions a good little crafter...I mean...that is WHY they take the time to write them...right? And I couldn't make sense of brain...not the creator of the pattern. Lol!

I just figured if I actually did it...maybe it would all come together for me and make sense as I go along???????

So...I cut it all out...and sat at the machine with directions by my side. I opted NOT to put in the interfacing...Why?...well....because I just don't have any of that...I thought about using some quilt batting instead...but shoved that out of my mind just as quickly as it came in.

As I went along...going step by step as all started to make sense...I got kinda excited that I was actually doing it...Lol! excitement prompted me to list it on Ebay. I don't have a clue how much these things go for....or if they go at all. But I started it out at $12.99....good price? I don't know!

Just thought I'd share this.


  1. Hi,
    Love the bonnet. Looks like the ones my grandmother wore. I want to make bonnets and bought a McCalls one. Isn't as long in the back as yours but can always cut it longer. Haven't started yet. Another thing on the back burner to get done!!!!