Friday, July 29, 2011

Tamales and Frankenstein...?...

Sounds like a heck of a combination...right? Well...that is what I have done today...

I have my tamale meat cooked, shredded, and seasoned and in the fridge soaking up all those wonderful flavors. Tomorrow...I make, cook and eat tamales!!! I haven't made these in over 3 years!! About time!

And Frankensteins!! I finished up 2 of these and listed them on Ebay this afternoon.

They are created using a My Darlin' Dolls pattern with a few of my own the eyes...the quilted nose for more definition...the pennant...and those hi-top sneakers!!

This guy looks more like a frat boy than a frankenstein...except for those stitches on his lower chin.

He is still absolutely cute in my book! I just love his ears!! So funky!! And that expression on his face...makes me laugh!!

Here is the link on ebay...He also has a "twin" once you get on sellers other items...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just listed...and what I am working on today...

These are the 2 dolls which I just listed on Ebay. The one is blue is made using fabric I found at a garage sale UNUSED AND UNCUT...I purchased an entire box of very nice, clean, unused fabric for $5....I almost felt bad walking away with it for that cheap.

This heart print...I swear has been around since the late 90's...but I haven't seen it too much when I noticed it in the box...I HAD to HAVE it!!

Didn't know what I was going to use it for...but I like it as a pinafore apron on this dollie.

I will put a link at the bottom for more photos.

This one...The apron is a cloth dish towel...with the phrase HOME IS WHERE YOUR STORY BEGINS embroidered onto it.

I found it at a gift shoppe nearby. I knew I wanted to use it for an apron...and the fabric I had at home matched perfectly with it!!

Today I am working on 2 Frankenstein pattern...but not is by My Darlin' Dolls. Really cute....!! Can hardly wait to see how he turns out.

Here's the ebay links for more photos...

Friday, July 15, 2011

1800 style Prairie Bonnet

So...I tried my hand at making one of these 1800's Style Prairie bonnets...a pattern I recently purchased from Backside of the Moon... Excellent pattern.

But as per my usual...I make things alot harder for myself than they actually are.

I read thru the instructions a good little crafter...I mean...that is WHY they take the time to write them...right? And I couldn't make sense of brain...not the creator of the pattern. Lol!

I just figured if I actually did it...maybe it would all come together for me and make sense as I go along???????

So...I cut it all out...and sat at the machine with directions by my side. I opted NOT to put in the interfacing...Why?...well....because I just don't have any of that...I thought about using some quilt batting instead...but shoved that out of my mind just as quickly as it came in.

As I went along...going step by step as all started to make sense...I got kinda excited that I was actually doing it...Lol! excitement prompted me to list it on Ebay. I don't have a clue how much these things go for....or if they go at all. But I started it out at $12.99....good price? I don't know!

Just thought I'd share this.


First I want to say that I have tried several times...typing until my fingers bleed...LOL..and I STILL cannot leave a comment on peoples blogs....anyone know why that is? I was going to leave a comment on Pats blog...Kats Designs and several others...but gave up after 3 attempts...SO...what I am trying to say is...I am reading them...and I want to comment...but it is not allowing me to do so.

SO....Dinner tonight....MEXICAN FIESTA!!!...I love mexican food. And I think I would rather make it myself than pay to eat somewhere just for the atmosphere. And it is HONESTLY just as good if not better!!

Which reminds me...I once spent 3 days with my Aunt learning to make Tamales...I haven't made those in forever because they really do take about 2 days to make...I used to make them 5 dozen at a time...true story...they freeze nicely and my husband would take them for lunch...and I would give alot of them to friends who enjoyed them but didn't have the time to make them.

Tonite...on the menu is: *insert drumroll here*

Steak Fajitas with green, red and yellow peppers-Homemade Refried Beans-Mexighetti-Homemade Tortilla Chips-Homemade Salsa-Homemade Guacamole El reeeee bah!

The key ingredient I have found....ADOBO for me...I put it in all of the dishes above mentioned! No I am not a marketing rep for Adobo...

And of course cilantro...I used to really hate the smell of it let alone the taste...but now...I use an entire bunch of it for the fajitas, a half a bunch for the salsa and the remainder in the guacomole! In fact...I love it so much...I am growing it in my garden!

What's on your menu?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last Sunday...July 3rd...I tried to surpress a sneeze. I felt a sharp pinch in the left side of my neck...and it suddenly felt like I had slept on my pillow wrong. I had been awake quite awhile and just knew it was from trying to hold back that sneeze. I figured it would go a crick in your neck usually does. Little did I know that 5 days later it would feel the same and the pain would travel down to my middle and ring fingers....with most of the pain being in my shoulder, neck and elbow. I finally decided to stop trying to suck it up and went to the Dr the day we were supposed to leave to go finish up the remodeling of the camper. The nurse practitioner gave me anti inflammatory pills along with steriods...woo hoo. The 3 hour ride to Tomah was unbearable. I used the "dogs blanket"...he NEVER uses why let it just sit in the a neck brace and kept repositioning my arm every 2 minutes. It was terrible. And I even wondered WHY I had gone to the doctor in the first place if I weren't going to see some sort of immediate relief? I mean...I told her I was popping Ibuprofen tablets 3 at a time and they just weren't cutting it! Why didn't she deem it necessary to give me some sort of pain medication? And I wanted the good stuff...not some 800 miligrams of tylenol! Which she didn't give me anyway! And I mentioned that we were going camping and hopefully have a day of pleasure to ride the wheelers. She suggested that I "Absolutely NOT ride any 4 wheelers"!! Boooo...way to ruin my weekend...surely I could ride one handed...afterall...the throttle is on the right side! bedtime...the pain still hadn't gone away...and needless to say I kept my husband awake AND the tossing and turning in the camper! LOL! I swear I woke up every 2 hours to view the clock and turn over. I was up at 5:30AM making coffee and taking more pills. By midday...the left arm and neck area were starting to feel pretty good. Not 100% but good enough to help Randy and his Mom put down the new floor and ceiling in the bump out of the camper. Finished it! YAY! I helped move the couch back into its position in the bump out and threw my arm out YET AGAIN!! By the next morning...the arm was feeling 80%...and I decided I would help carry wood from the wagon to the side of the shed. Not just a piece at a time...oh no! I was carrying armloads of 10 pieces...just wanted to get it done y'know! Well...needless to say...I pinched the nerve again! Later that day...about husband decided we would just go home...since I couldn't seem to behave myself. And at least at home...I would just be hard could that be to behave? I have been a good little sewer for the past 2 days...LOL! My arm is still NOT 100% and sleeping is still not a relaxing event...but I have not thrown it out since I have been back home. I have been concentrating on making a pumpkin head doll...and she is finally finished. I will be working on pattern for her soon.

Hope you all had a better weekend than I had!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My son is home from surgery... I reported last...Ryan did not have cancer...or a was a fluid build up. He had 3 with it...and it would eventually swell to the size of an orange then a grapefruit...then a cantaloupe. Have it drained in the office...and within 3 months it could come back. Or have it surgically drained and the blockage removed. He opted for the removal. I was glad that he chose to do that. But what an ordeal he went thru.
He had the surgery yesterday...the day after the 4th of July. His surgery was supposed to begin at we had to be there for check in and prep by 6:45. He didn't eat or drink since after midnite.
We arrived there on was a 45 minute drive to the hospital...and the Dr. had an emergency so we got sent home until our next arrival time of 10:30 with surgery scheduled at 12:30. We were once again on time....but surgery didn't happen until 1PM. Did I mention that this kid hadn't eaten or even had a sip of water since before midnite?...

I heard from the nurse that the minute he woke up in recovery...he asked where the nearest KFC was...LOL!! And that is exactly where I took him once he was released.
Of course he didn't go inside...he could barely walk. He is getting around a bit better today and I have fixed up the guest bedroom so that he is more comfortable than going downstairs to his room. I just don't think he is ready for stairs yet...unless they are equiped with a chair.

The doll to the left is what I worked on while waiting at the hospital. The anesthesiologist did a double take...asked me if that was a doll. LOL! I explained that I am not really good at the grungy black folk art dolls yet...but the effort is there. So...naturally, she and her little chicken and the basket of eggs are listed on Ebay.

I have named them "Had a Lil' Chicken" which for some reason...I was sitting at the hospital, stitching the chicken footprints...and putting the chicken pocket onto the apron...and THAT SONG popped into my head that my husband used to sing to the kids when they were little...IT WOULDN"T GO AWAY!! It lingered til this morning when she was I gave in...and named this set...and pattern Had a Lil' Chicken.... Below are the links to the doll and the pattern.

I am leaving for vacation tomorrow...and I won't be back until July if you purchase the pattern for this set...I will be adding a bonus pattern to your envelope for choice of course.
Click these links to view more photos