Thursday, June 23, 2011

Siddalee & Teensie

Let's try this again shall we....yep...I had this all typed out...and ready to go...and was gone!!

Anyway....this is 28" Siddalee and her 12" baby Teensie. They are currently up for grabs on Ebay.

I had made a set similar to this last week and was asked when pattern would become available.

I liked the other set...but wanted to make a few changes to the nose on Siddalee...I really wasn't happy witht he "skinny" nose the other set had...and the clothing I wanted more of a homespun. So....I purchased this fabric to make my daughter some pillowcases for her NEW chenille bedspread in her Colonial bedroom...and purchased a bit more of it to create clothing for this set!

And I had to decide upon a name for this set. I have used up all the "family" names on various other dolls and decided upon these names.

It will most likely take me the usual 3 days to type up the instructions for this set.

Today I am off to babysit my grandson, his NEW home!! So, I won't get anything done today...LOL!

I really miss being able to see him every day. They used to live just across town...but now it is a 20 minute drive to visit. Booooooo!!!!

You can view more photo's of this set at the link below. Just click the words.

Thanks for takin' a peek!


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