Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Long time NO blog....

Yes, it seems as though it has been FOREVER since I last blogged.

And I am going to use the standard MANDATORY excuse of being busy!

I planted my garden on Mother's Day...and had to replant some things 2 weeks later. We had a cold snap and I think it just made things not want to come up....or I had bad seeds...

Even the Sweet Annie I tried my hand at planting this season has yet to show any signs of growth. I am thinking of going to the nursery to see if I can find some live plants. I would just love to have some to add to some dolls this fall/winter!!

I know this may be too much information...but I am genuinely concerned. My son has a growth on his testicle...they have ruled out a hernia...which is what I was thinking it may be. Tonite we go for an ultrasound and will know by Thursday if it is a fluid lump or cancer. I am really hoping it is not cancerous.

Anyone who is reading this...please say a silent prayer that the outcome will be good. Thank you!!!!!

Here is my new witch for fall 2011. I really love these round head dolls with the slated eyes. So realistic looking. And simple once you get the hang of it.

The pattern cover doll is up for grabs on Ebay. Click HERE to view more photos of the actual doll.

Pattern is available on ETSY or EBAY. Click the words to view.


  1. Your witch is adorable! Love that nose. Sending a prayer to your son and hope all comes out well.

  2. Sending prayers for your son and that everything is fine. Love the new witch.