Friday, June 24, 2011

Today's DO list...and update on my son...

It looks like I may actually be able to mow today...maybe. Wednesday, I picked up the backyard...we have everything off the deck in an effort to waterproof and seal it...started this project last weekend...but of course it didnt get finished because that is when the rain began. So now the gazebo is off in one corner...the chairs are all under the big tree...the bench is under the smaller "Grandma" tree...and all the plants that are in the copper boilers are by the big bench....all "the boys" toys are tucked into the shed. I pulled the mower out of the shed on Wednesday and made it all the way to the side my attempt to mow the front yard first...and it started pouring!! I just left the mower there and ran if I got too wet I might melt. It hasn't really let up since then. Just misting rain most of the time...making the grass too nasty to mow. In fact...I hear a mower from my window now! And once has clouded lawn will be like a hay field by Saturday!! Not going to be a fun experience mowing...but then again...when is it? I used to enjoy mowing honestly....of course that was before the self propelled belt mechanism broke on this mower and my husband converted it to a PUSH MOWER...all I had to do was follow happily was great exercise...probably about a 3 mile walk! requires effort to push the dang thing!
It is so cool here this morning...about 62 degrees...perfect for mowing. Well...if I cannot mow today...maybe I will have help on Saturday? Maybe I can hit some garage sales today instead!! That sounds like a better way to spend today than pushing some mower across the yard...LOL!!

I also want to mention that I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers people have been sending me for my son! I found out yesterday from the results of the ultrasound that it is NOT cancer! Yay!! It is a fluid build up! I can deal with that! I am going to google some answers as to how they get rid of that or what even causes it for that matter. I'm sure it will require some type of surgical procedure...

So thank you everyone for keeping him and his situation in your thoughts and is appreciated more than you know!!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Siddalee & Teensie

Let's try this again shall we....yep...I had this all typed out...and ready to go...and was gone!!

Anyway....this is 28" Siddalee and her 12" baby Teensie. They are currently up for grabs on Ebay.

I had made a set similar to this last week and was asked when pattern would become available.

I liked the other set...but wanted to make a few changes to the nose on Siddalee...I really wasn't happy witht he "skinny" nose the other set had...and the clothing I wanted more of a homespun. So....I purchased this fabric to make my daughter some pillowcases for her NEW chenille bedspread in her Colonial bedroom...and purchased a bit more of it to create clothing for this set!

And I had to decide upon a name for this set. I have used up all the "family" names on various other dolls and decided upon these names.

It will most likely take me the usual 3 days to type up the instructions for this set.

Today I am off to babysit my grandson, his NEW home!! So, I won't get anything done today...LOL!

I really miss being able to see him every day. They used to live just across town...but now it is a 20 minute drive to visit. Booooooo!!!!

You can view more photo's of this set at the link below. Just click the words.

Thanks for takin' a peek!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Long time NO blog....

Yes, it seems as though it has been FOREVER since I last blogged.

And I am going to use the standard MANDATORY excuse of being busy!

I planted my garden on Mother's Day...and had to replant some things 2 weeks later. We had a cold snap and I think it just made things not want to come up....or I had bad seeds...

Even the Sweet Annie I tried my hand at planting this season has yet to show any signs of growth. I am thinking of going to the nursery to see if I can find some live plants. I would just love to have some to add to some dolls this fall/winter!!

I know this may be too much information...but I am genuinely concerned. My son has a growth on his testicle...they have ruled out a hernia...which is what I was thinking it may be. Tonite we go for an ultrasound and will know by Thursday if it is a fluid lump or cancer. I am really hoping it is not cancerous.

Anyone who is reading this...please say a silent prayer that the outcome will be good. Thank you!!!!!

Here is my new witch for fall 2011. I really love these round head dolls with the slated eyes. So realistic looking. And simple once you get the hang of it.

The pattern cover doll is up for grabs on Ebay. Click HERE to view more photos of the actual doll.

Pattern is available on ETSY or EBAY. Click the words to view.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Have to share some photos....

Thats right!! The carnival was in town this past weekend for the Milk Days Celebration!

This year...the boys went on every ride they were tall enough to ride.

And they even went by themselves on some of them....well....they went together without adult supervision!

Austin just won't let go of that BINKY ...even for a train ride!!

This photo reminds me of GREASE where Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta are taking off in the flying car at the end...LOL!!

They just couldn't figure out that the black bar they were holding onto actually made the bumble bee go up and down...

Brody was really excited to go on this looks like he is saying...OOOOOhhhh YEAH!!