Monday, May 9, 2011

Been awhile since I last posted...

I have been busy...and yes...I know everyone says that..but I REALLY was!!

I have been painting like Picaso! Many things around the casa have fallen victim to my paint brush.

With the help of my daughter...who is a decorating genius by the way...has helped me paint my living room from a boring basic white/off white to a woodsy green and whisper of buttery yellow. It doesn't sound like the two colors would go well togethe...but it looks so homey not HOMELY...and inviting!

One room even took a dose of vanilla brandy on the walls and ceiling.

My kitchen is...well...a brownsh gold. We threw some brown into some gold and came up with a different gold tone to coordinate with the barn wood I have as wainscotting.

I have even painted my jelly cupboard a flat black and gave it a drybrushing of cinnamon for a grubby worn look. My daughters idea of course!
I really wanted to paint that old Hoosier...but hubby told me it would loose its value if I did...I said..."SO, WHO'S TRYING TO SELL IT?"
I am going to paint my kitchen chairs to match the jelly cupboard...and he was worried about that too! He said, "THAT'S GREAT!! EVERYONE WHO SITS AT THE TABLE WILL HAVE A BLACK BUM!"

I replaced my vintage metal bread box with a simple wooden tool carrier is barn red and I think it may have to be painted mustard color...not sure on that yet.

Even my barstools got hit with a whammy of black to find the right fabric to reupholster the seats!

As you can see to the left...I have still found time to create a few dollies during my painting quest!

Yep yep...all of them listed on ebay...Check them out when you get a chance.

I have been working on some dolls also...can't seem to run from that either...Here is what is new...


  1. Hi Kat
    I was wondering what had happened to you. Wow sounds like a lot of work, but worth every bit of it. Change is always nice! Love your dolls! I'm going to have to get the pattern for the first one! Take care


  2. Hi Kat
    I have missed you have been busy..would love to see pictures of the paint colors...wish I had that much courage to try something dramatic. Love all your new creations.

  3. Once my kitchen is completly finished...I will post pics...I am repainting the cabinets a color very close to the vanilla brandy...maybe just a bit lighter...then doing a brown glaze over that. The cabinets could take me awhile...the last time it took me 3 weeks.