Monday, March 7, 2011

I am totally lovin the extreme prims

I have been busy making these extreme prim dolls. The first one is my own creation. I named them Prissy and Pork. I may even write up a pattern to them...

I had a hard time with that pig. I had to ask my husband if my pattern piece looked like a pig.

His answer....Nope...looks like a dog. UGH!! Back to the drawing board...he did tell me that the head was further down...and should be even with the front shoulders. So...I scrapped that piece of paper and ended up with this lil Pork.

I just think it is so exciting to see something go from a piece of fabric..and then to something that is amaze me all the time.

Prissy & Pork are available on Ebay at the moment. Check them out!!

This is Opal....dangit....she looks scared!! But this one is my favorite...I loved making this one.

Pattern is by Olde Rustic Prims. I get my raw wool from her also...and she is right here in Illinois.

She has sisal rope hair that I drybrushed with black acrylic paint.

And my daughter couldn't have picked a better day to give me a baggie FULL of various buttons...PERFECT for mismatched eyes and vintage accent buttons on the bodice!

Thank you honey!

This one is Pearlie Mae...but I like plain old Pearl better...
I drew up a melon slice for her to carry and tied it to her at her wrists with some jute rope.
Her dress is also a melon print and is a drop waist style.
Both of these dollies are listed on Ebay also.
Go sneak a peek!


  1. Kat: I just love all of your new extreme black dolls. They are all so very cute!

  2. Kat,
    The dolls are adorable.
    I think the pig looks just fine.

  3. Oh...Pat...the pig was almost BARKING before the change...LOL! According to my biggest critique! But I can always count on an honest answer from him...LOL! Sometimes it just hurts me to ask...LOL!
    Thank you Patti...I am really not an extreme prim maker...or at least I never thought I would be...but for some reason lately...I am just drawn to these lil' ragamuffins...I love them...I get excited to see what they will look like! CRAZY!