Saturday, March 5, 2011

2 NEW Bunnies for Easter

I just listed these new bunnies on Ebay last nite. I didn't realize how dark the ribbon looks in these photos. It really isn't that dark...just the lighting. The green ribbon is actually a sheer transparent ribbon. And it matches with the dark green in the center of the flowers on her dress.

She has a massive floral spray on the side of her hat...and her neck ruffles have more flounce!

What will I make when Easter has passed? I will miss making these bunnies.

This one done in a blue tonal paisley also has a massive floral spay on her hat. This one is the one I would keep if I could. She is my favorite bunny so far.....

I love her her leg stripes...and I like the laces I gave her up her boots rather than the rusty jingle bells! She too has more ruffle flounce at her neck.

Parting with this one is gonna HURT!!

I wonder if whom ever wins her auction will allow me visitation? LOL!!

Here are their links to the listings on....where else...?...Ebay.




  1. Very cute Bunnies..I wish I could paint the faces and have them look half that good. I bet they will sell quick :)

  2. Kat,
    They are gorgeous!!!
    You are so talented. They eyes are something else!
    I would wish you good luck, but you won't need it.

  3. Kat - excellent! What will you do after Easter you ask? Humm, I'm sure you will come up with some wonderful new doll! Bunnies are so lovely!

  4. The eyes are actually very very simple and require MINIMAL painting skills...SERIOUSLY! I am no VanGogh...I hate painting. The eyes are mainly done with artist pencil...if you can put on can do the eyes. I don't have time to wear makeup anymore...or worry about it...but I sure do love glamming up these gals!

  5. cute...just bought the pattern..can't wait to get started making it. I really love the eyes..I am a little intimidated with painted eyes...if you make a mistake..just have to make another head, which I usually do in the beginning anyway. That's my challenge for this master painted eyes on dolls. Each year I set a goal to accomplish something that I find difficult. These will sell really well for you on ebay.
    Have a great week

  6. Maxie I just printed out your paypal reciept...I will ship tomorrow morning.....