Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pay it Forward

I just cam from The Rusty Thimble's blog. She is participating in a 2011 PAY IT FORWARD...she came from Dees blog...Icehousecrafts!!

I have NEVER participated in a PAY IT FORWARD...but here is how it goes...

The first 5 people who comment on this post will recieve something from ME....BUT...1st you have o write a blog post explaining what pay it forward 2011 is all about. Then you will send out your chosen gifts to the 1st 5 people who comment on your blog! Your items don't have to be in the mail tomorrow...take your time creating them...This is an AWESOME way to meet new friends and share a bit with others!

These will be small fact...mine will be choice of one pattern...but the first 5 to respond here just need to tell me which pattern you want and type up that blog about YOUR PAY IT FORWARD.

In your comment...let me know that you have made a post about it...and that you will ALSO send out handmade gifts to the first 5 who comment on your post and sign up for this.

Pass it around and PAY IT gifts handmade with love!!

Talullah~Pattern Cover Doll

This is Talullah....the doll that is the pattern cover. Currently she is listed on Ebay.
She is a 26" fancy folk art doll.
She is completely painted...Baked...sanded...stained...and baked again!
Included in the pattern is a recipe to mix up your own skin tone paint.
Included in pattern is my source for hair.

I haven't listed her pattern on Ebay just yet...but probably will by next week sometime.
The pattern is available here and in my Etsy shoppe.
PatternMart will be another location for this pattern.

I loved Talullah BEFORE she had hair....and absolutely love this side view photo of her.
I think she almost looks real in this one.
If you have a minute and would like to view more photos and a detailed description of the link below to get to the Ebay listing for her.

Friday, March 11, 2011

New Lady Elaine with Blonde Braids....

Just listed a new Lady Elaine on Ebay last nite. This one has long blond raw wool hair that is pulled to both sides and braided.
Her eyes are a bit farther apart and placed more on a slant. I like them better this way.
She wears a trio of coordinating browns, gold, cream, beige, blue and green fabrics.
There are 8 photos of her within the listing.

Each braid is tied at the ends with sage green ribon which coordinates well with the green center of the dots.
She is trimmed at the sleeves, underskirt and bloomer legs with scalloped edge cluney lace.

Her hat as a grossgrain satin ribbon in deep will also notice it is also used as her waistband...and the hat has a large coordinating floral spray topped off with the chocolate ribbon bow in the center.
You can't see it in the photos...but her leg stripes are cream and chocolate and her shoes are chocolate too.
Check out the other photos of her if you have a minute!! Click the link below to go to the listing!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Doll give away!!

That't right....I can't even believe it myself.....The Vintage Polka Dot is giving away Harvey Harvest on Handmad Art Fair. Click the button to the right and it will take you directly to the sign up sheet....
WooWhooooooo!!!! This guy is super dee duper cute!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I am totally lovin the extreme prims

I have been busy making these extreme prim dolls. The first one is my own creation. I named them Prissy and Pork. I may even write up a pattern to them...

I had a hard time with that pig. I had to ask my husband if my pattern piece looked like a pig.

His answer....Nope...looks like a dog. UGH!! Back to the drawing board...he did tell me that the head was further down...and should be even with the front shoulders. So...I scrapped that piece of paper and ended up with this lil Pork.

I just think it is so exciting to see something go from a piece of fabric..and then to something that is amaze me all the time.

Prissy & Pork are available on Ebay at the moment. Check them out!!

This is Opal....dangit....she looks scared!! But this one is my favorite...I loved making this one.

Pattern is by Olde Rustic Prims. I get my raw wool from her also...and she is right here in Illinois.

She has sisal rope hair that I drybrushed with black acrylic paint.

And my daughter couldn't have picked a better day to give me a baggie FULL of various buttons...PERFECT for mismatched eyes and vintage accent buttons on the bodice!

Thank you honey!

This one is Pearlie Mae...but I like plain old Pearl better...
I drew up a melon slice for her to carry and tied it to her at her wrists with some jute rope.
Her dress is also a melon print and is a drop waist style.
Both of these dollies are listed on Ebay also.
Go sneak a peek!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

2 NEW Bunnies for Easter

I just listed these new bunnies on Ebay last nite. I didn't realize how dark the ribbon looks in these photos. It really isn't that dark...just the lighting. The green ribbon is actually a sheer transparent ribbon. And it matches with the dark green in the center of the flowers on her dress.

She has a massive floral spray on the side of her hat...and her neck ruffles have more flounce!

What will I make when Easter has passed? I will miss making these bunnies.

This one done in a blue tonal paisley also has a massive floral spay on her hat. This one is the one I would keep if I could. She is my favorite bunny so far.....

I love her her leg stripes...and I like the laces I gave her up her boots rather than the rusty jingle bells! She too has more ruffle flounce at her neck.

Parting with this one is gonna HURT!!

I wonder if whom ever wins her auction will allow me visitation? LOL!!

Here are their links to the listings on....where else...?...Ebay.



Wednesday, March 2, 2011


As you can see on the right side bar...I have finally typed up the instructions to Nellie & JoJo...She is available by paper pattern only....because that is all I know how to do...LOL! You may purchase her here...ebay or etsy....and patternmart very soon.

I may need to purchase more space on PatternMart...I have room for only one more pattern...boooooooo!!!