Monday, February 21, 2011

Nellie Jo and Grungy Baby Bunny

All day yesterday...while it rained and the winds whipped outside...I sat and drew up pattern for Nellie Jo and her Grungy baby bunny.
She is 26" tall...which was larger than I had initially wanted her to be...but....she is actually a nice size afterall. Her baby bunny is 14".
I gave her a seperate nose and mouth piece that was added to her face once everything was painted and grunged.

I actually like making this type of doll too. And honestly...if you would have asked me about Black Folk Art grungy dolls about a month ago...I would have told you I WOULD NEVER make them.

It is weird how my tastes have been changing lately. And it isn't because this type of doll is easier to make...THEY ARE NOT!! I just think they have SO much character... I will still make the Annie type dolls....but...I think these will become a staple in my desire to create. And I may even type up pattern to this one also.
She is listed on Ebay and there are 5 photos of her and a detailed description as well.
You can click the link below to view the photos and read about them..


  1. Hi Kat,
    Nellie Jo is gorgeous! I know what you me about tastes changing and change is good. Your doing a great job on these black folkart dolls. I have a few patterns for them from other artists and tried making one once, but I just could not get it to look right. Maybe if you get this one into a pattern form I may have to try it.But I'm not good at drawing the eyes. Your so talented!
    Oh, and the dolly I won in your little giveaway a while back with the monkey dress is so very happy and said to say hello to you! =)
    Have a great week and keep up the beautiful work!

  2. Thank you Jean...and hello right back to that little monkey! Y' daughter got me to like these by dragging me to primitive gift shops. They are just soooooo ugly they are cute...LOL!! And...actually...the painting is easy...just black and white and a bit of shading here and there...sssshhhhhhh ☺

  3. Kat - Have I've told you lately how talented you are! Wow, you just keep putting these dolls out. You are truly a very good artists. Great job!