Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More finished dolls up for grabs....

Last nite I finished a set of raggedies made from the Yankee Doodles Raggedy pattern available on the sidebar and an Irish Annie made from the Be Mine Annie pattern also available on the side bar.

Hubby didn't get home last nite til I just continued working on dolls all evening.

I didn't even have to make dinner! He stopped and got fast food...LOL!!

This raggedy set is made from a barn red and cream mini check and a multicolor patchwork print.

I love this patchwork print and have used it several times before. When I saw it in the clearance bin....along with the check....I should have purchased the remainder of the bolt...but didn't....

I love how they look in this fabric!! They are just dancing right off the page!!

I also decided to make one last Irish lass from the Be Mine Annie pattern.

I was never a big fan of green....but I have to admit...for the past 2 years this St. Patricks fabric has really grown on me!

Her little heart is a stitchery pillow that reads...KISS ME I'M IRISH.

She is also listed on Ebay.

For those of you who would like to sneak a can click a few links here and go to their listings.



  1. They are so so very cute!! I love the way you do the faces ~ just too sweet!


  2. Thank you ladies....your comments keep me motivated and are my inspiration!!