Friday, February 4, 2011


Seriously...I don't know how they disappeared or where they have gone or who this follower was...but I had 98 followers the other day...and came on a day later to find I had lost one...I was down to 97. I am certain they are wandering the vast wasteland of Blogger....aimlessly serching to find their way back.... Sooooooo....I am offering a REWARD for this lost follower! What is the reward?.....well...for now it is HUSH HUSH....but....if someone can find me just one more follower to fill this opening I now will be pleasantly surprised with the reward that will go up as a GIVEAWAY for all who choose to sign up for it. Once I get to 100 followers...JUST ONE MORE....I will create that giveaway post with all the simple instructions to sign up.

I am really not good at keeping secrets....but I am NOT posting a photo will give you a is a 14" dollie done in a saltbox print and she carries a little saltbox house ornie...That HAS TO BE worth the effort of finding 1 more follower for me to get this party started! LOL! She is NOT one of the $10 dollies....

Whomever finds the follower....have the follower comment on the giveaway sign up post that I will make...and mention YOUR name....then you will get an extra chance at winning this cute little dollie....once I post up the actual giveaway post.

So...I suppose this post is like an appetizer.....a prelude of things to come...stay tuned.


  1. Oh, No!! The same thing happened to me a couple of weeks back.
    Someone out there is abducting followers!!!! LOL!!

    Cant wait to see what you have made for the giveaway!!

  2. I know I was a follower. I don't know how it got discombobulated. My memory is very foggy.
    Please forgive my disorientation and accept my sincerest apologies, Kat. I am back among the flock where I believe I belong.

  3. Linda is my lost follower? That would actually make sense because you are now follower 99...and I remember you being a follower before that....Linda...glad you found yourself and made your way back!! I'm going to give you an extra chance at winning for coming out of the fog and back to my blog. LOL! I may even sweeten the pot with a Vintage Annie in a pantry print...maybe have 2 THAT would spice things up a bit...hmmmm?

  4. To Tammy...REALLY? You lost one too? I'm beginning to think we have a conspiracy here...LOL....or a serial blogger napper? LOL!

  5. Hi!!! Happened to me today!!! Weird!!! Could be a napper!!!! I thought it was strange and I couldn't tell which one was do do do dooooo Twilight Blog Zone!!!! hugs

  6. Oh dear....I do so remember the twilight zone with Rod Serling....YIKES....I'm going to add an alien spaceship to this post....LOL!!

  7. There's been a lot of unexplained things happening with blogger lately. Glad Linda found her way back.