Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just finished another Lady Elaine!! I think this one looks sad...or angry...not sure which or why...LOL!

I won this raw wool from an ebay auction and could hardly wait to use it.

The color is chocolate nougat...LOVE IT... I think it is pretty neat how the tips are a blonde tone and are rippled.

This lady is done in a chocolate with multicolr polka dot bodice and matching hat. Her dress skirt is a pink, sage, and cream paisley. The under skirt is a coordinating tiny floral print.

I had ran out of satin ribbon and went digging in the cabinet for anything I could use. I found a brand new spool of white sheer satin ribbon in there...

I had to tea stain it to make it match with the fabrics... It is at her waist and at her hat band.

The sleeves, bloomers and underskirt are trimmed in a jute mesh ribbon. Her hat band is also the jute mesh ribbon.

To view all 8 photos of her and the entire description...you can click the link below to go to the ebay listing.


I am working on another rabbit~Henrietta Hare this evening...YAY...I love those....I am thinking of using the chocolate and teal stripe with yet another polka dot print for the rabbit...NOTHING says Easter like Polka Dots...LOL!!

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