Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I just HAVE TO share...

I have been just dying to make one of these folk art OOAK dollies. I always loved art classes in high school...and I actually took as many of them as I could. I actually got to put my art classes to good use today. And yes...this doll took me most of the day to finish...I actually started on her yesterday.

I named her Lady Elaine...in honor of my mother in law. Yes...I actually get along quite well with my MIL and always have. She is a sweet sweet lady!

Lady Elaine is 27" tall from the top of her hat to the tip of her pointy toe booties.

Now granted I probably should have given her a little bouquet of flowers to hold...but I was just so excited to be finished with her that I didn't give her anything but a photoshoot...LOL!
And she behaved quite ladylike...She could easily be Americas Next Top Model...she took direction well.

Of course I have listed her on Ebay and there are a total of 9 photos of her...I just couldn't stop!
Details for her are all there in the listing along with those photos.
If you'd like to sneak a peek...be my guest and click the link below....have a look around....
This doll is loosley based on a Prim and Proper creations pattern...but I made so many changes to it...it really doesn't look like the doll I was supposed to be making...But I gotta give credit where credit is due.


  1. Kat,
    Love Lady Elaine. Don't you just love co-operative models!!! lol I love her dress.

  2. Kat,
    Very nice - what a great job. Love those eyes. You are one talented lady! Love her.


  3. Thank you so much ladies! I had so much fun with her...I bid on more wool this morning to make another of her and another black folk art doll as well...LOL! But I think I will go back and purchase some blonde wool...and maybe do this one in an Easter print.

  4. She is awesome Kat! I love her big eyes and hat and the fabric you picked for her dress, heck....I love everything about her! LOL I have always wanted to try making one of these dollies,or folkart ooak bunnies...but been a little hesitent to take the plunge. Can't wait to see the others!