Saturday, February 12, 2011

Henrietta Hare~NEW is what I have been working on since I woke up this morning. Actually, I started on her yesterday evening and had to finish up this morning.

I absolutely love making these big dolls! I think I like making them more than the non traditional raggedies. They just come out really nice! Alot more work...but the outcome is worth the extra time and effort!

She is identical to Lady Elaine that I posted about below this post.
Except for the fact that she is a Easter Bunny who loves to wear chocolate!

I did the dress a bit differently on this is open in the front to expose an underskirt. This was much easier to do...but took more time.
She is also 27" tall.
Her hat is a chocolate brown with black swirl print...with a matching hat bad and florals on the side....with a big brown sheer bow to top it all off.

I even gave her teal leg stripes and 4 rusty jingle bells up her brown booties.

And lets not leave out the whiskers that are sewn into her painted muzzle.
I can hardly wait until my raw wool arrives so I can do another Lady Elaine with blonde hair!
Here is a link to the ebay listing where this bunny can be found. There are 10 photos of her and a complete detailed description of her.
If you would like to take a HERE to go to Ebay

Thank you for reading my blog post!!


  1. Cat,
    She is so Darling! You absolutely outdid yourself.
    Honestly, She is gorgeous!!!
    Will she be a pattern?

  2. Sorry Kat, I put Cat! I have a good friend, Cat and always spell your name like that.

  3. Just adorable! Love seeing you talented doll makers!

  4. Pat...I am seriously thinking about it...but the instructions will take me hours. I'm not even sure how I do things to put it into text...LOL...I usually fly by the seat of my pants... I am going to give it a try perhaps tomorrow. And really....Kat with a C is okay...I knew who you were talking to. Thank you JODY for your kind words.

  5. she is absolutely wonderful!!
    hugs and have a lovely Valentine´s Day

  6. Love it!, Love it!, Love it!!! I'm sure it's a lot more work but worth the outcome! Beautiful job Kat...can't wait to see more of these. Happy Valentines Day! :)