Friday, February 18, 2011

Henrietta Hare~Easter Print

I love digging thru the fabric stash and actually FINDING enough of something to work with.

Yes, after much digging...I found this teal Easter Chick print from last year...I never cut into it. Just stashed it away in the craft room along with the coordinating teal with white polka dot print. YAY!! What a scavenger hunt!

And as a bonus...I found enough coordinating prints to work nicely with the Easter print! BONUS!!

Now mind you....I did make a trip to the fabric store to buy more fabric....I think I may need therapy!

But the clothing for this one was already cut out before I left the house!

So...when I returned home, all I had to do is stitch it up!

I finished her at 10:15 last nite....photographed her....and was just about to put her on Ebay....when I realized I had forgotten her whiskers!


What would a rabbit be without whiskers?

A whiskerless rabbit! So...all those photos were deleted and I went to bed! I rephotographed her this morning with whiskers added!

She is so bright and colorful! She looks like she could jump up and do a jig.

And once again...I LOVE HER!!

I just wish I would allow myself to keep just one...but I don' fact...I have NOTHING in my home that I have personally created...weird right?

There is a detailed description of her within the listing and 9 photos of her on Ebay. You can click the link below to view them all!


  1. Hi...I love your new rabbits and you did such an excellent job...they have so much personality. I am going to ebay now to check out your listing. I hope you will have a pattern available soon. If it is already available let me know.

  2. No pattern available yet...I think the instructions would take me 2 days to type up...LOL!! I am so busy making them that I cannot find the time to type them up...:(