Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011~My backyard drifts~

This 1st photo shows a car that was abandoned in the middle of the street sometime before 10PM last nite. Hubby and I had gone just 4 blocks to a friends house and after getting out of his driveway and onto our street...we saw something dark amidst the blizzard...a one in it...they just left it. It was still there this morning at 8AM.

Hubby decided to bust out the snow mind you it is in the shed in the backyard...yep...that is the shed in the bottom photo in the bottom right corner. He had to snowblow thru the backyard...then thru the gate...see photo in the middle...around the side of the garage...and then out into the driveway.

I am not kidding....some of these drifts are 8ft tall. Both of the entrance doors to the house were blocked by 4ft snow drifts. Hubby had to open the storm door in the front several times before he had an opening large enough to get thru to get to a shovel.
Currently...our road is a one lane...and the main road isn't much better. The highway isn't plowed at all...not even one lane is open and that was at noon!! This is crazy!
Did I mention how much I hate snow?

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