Monday, February 28, 2011


That is correct. You will notice on the sidebar to the right...paper pattern...because I don't know how to do anything now available for Henrietta Hare. The cost is $11.00 plus $1.00 postage. She will NOT be available on Ebay just yet. I have her listed on PatternMart and am going to list her on Etsy also. Feel free to check her out any of those places. I really wish I had a patternmart button...that would simplify things...wouldn't it...?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just finished another Lady Elaine!! I think this one looks sad...or angry...not sure which or why...LOL!

I won this raw wool from an ebay auction and could hardly wait to use it.

The color is chocolate nougat...LOVE IT... I think it is pretty neat how the tips are a blonde tone and are rippled.

This lady is done in a chocolate with multicolr polka dot bodice and matching hat. Her dress skirt is a pink, sage, and cream paisley. The under skirt is a coordinating tiny floral print.

I had ran out of satin ribbon and went digging in the cabinet for anything I could use. I found a brand new spool of white sheer satin ribbon in there...

I had to tea stain it to make it match with the fabrics... It is at her waist and at her hat band.

The sleeves, bloomers and underskirt are trimmed in a jute mesh ribbon. Her hat band is also the jute mesh ribbon.

To view all 8 photos of her and the entire can click the link below to go to the ebay listing.


I am working on another rabbit~Henrietta Hare this evening...YAY...I love those....I am thinking of using the chocolate and teal stripe with yet another polka dot print for the rabbit...NOTHING says Easter like Polka Dots...LOL!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Nellie Jo and Grungy Baby Bunny

All day yesterday...while it rained and the winds whipped outside...I sat and drew up pattern for Nellie Jo and her Grungy baby bunny.
She is 26" tall...which was larger than I had initially wanted her to be...but....she is actually a nice size afterall. Her baby bunny is 14".
I gave her a seperate nose and mouth piece that was added to her face once everything was painted and grunged.

I actually like making this type of doll too. And honestly...if you would have asked me about Black Folk Art grungy dolls about a month ago...I would have told you I WOULD NEVER make them.

It is weird how my tastes have been changing lately. And it isn't because this type of doll is easier to make...THEY ARE NOT!! I just think they have SO much character... I will still make the Annie type dolls....but...I think these will become a staple in my desire to create. And I may even type up pattern to this one also.
She is listed on Ebay and there are 5 photos of her and a detailed description as well.
You can click the link below to view the photos and read about them..

Friday, February 18, 2011

Henrietta Hare~Easter Print

I love digging thru the fabric stash and actually FINDING enough of something to work with.

Yes, after much digging...I found this teal Easter Chick print from last year...I never cut into it. Just stashed it away in the craft room along with the coordinating teal with white polka dot print. YAY!! What a scavenger hunt!

And as a bonus...I found enough coordinating prints to work nicely with the Easter print! BONUS!!

Now mind you....I did make a trip to the fabric store to buy more fabric....I think I may need therapy!

But the clothing for this one was already cut out before I left the house!

So...when I returned home, all I had to do is stitch it up!

I finished her at 10:15 last nite....photographed her....and was just about to put her on Ebay....when I realized I had forgotten her whiskers!


What would a rabbit be without whiskers?

A whiskerless rabbit! So...all those photos were deleted and I went to bed! I rephotographed her this morning with whiskers added!

She is so bright and colorful! She looks like she could jump up and do a jig.

And once again...I LOVE HER!!

I just wish I would allow myself to keep just one...but I don' fact...I have NOTHING in my home that I have personally created...weird right?

There is a detailed description of her within the listing and 9 photos of her on Ebay. You can click the link below to view them all!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lady Elaine~Blonde

Ooops I did it again! I just can't stop wanting to make these big OOAK dolls. I am going out this afternoon to purchase MORE fabric to make MORE....LOL!!!

I love working with the raw wool...I love needle felting it to the head! In that I think about it....I love everything about making these dolls.

Unbelievable...but true...I get excited to see how they will turn out.

This wool was/is was longer than I had anticipated.

At first I had it just stringing down from atop her head....but it looked too....well....stringy....for lack of a better word.

So....I pulled it to the side...and braided it just to see how it would look.


She reminds me of a lady you would see walking down the streets of some cowboy movie with a bustle on her bum bum.

Of course she is listed on Ebay....and I once again went overboard with photos of her...I just can't stop!

Here is the link to view the detailed description of her and all 11 photos....yes 11 should be against the law!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More finished dolls up for grabs....

Last nite I finished a set of raggedies made from the Yankee Doodles Raggedy pattern available on the sidebar and an Irish Annie made from the Be Mine Annie pattern also available on the side bar.

Hubby didn't get home last nite til I just continued working on dolls all evening.

I didn't even have to make dinner! He stopped and got fast food...LOL!!

This raggedy set is made from a barn red and cream mini check and a multicolor patchwork print.

I love this patchwork print and have used it several times before. When I saw it in the clearance bin....along with the check....I should have purchased the remainder of the bolt...but didn't....

I love how they look in this fabric!! They are just dancing right off the page!!

I also decided to make one last Irish lass from the Be Mine Annie pattern.

I was never a big fan of green....but I have to admit...for the past 2 years this St. Patricks fabric has really grown on me!

Her little heart is a stitchery pillow that reads...KISS ME I'M IRISH.

She is also listed on Ebay.

For those of you who would like to sneak a can click a few links here and go to their listings.



Hubby drew the winner last nite at 9PM.....and the winner is....PAM from CREATIVEDAWN!! Congratulations....~!!

Just email me with your address to ship her...and I will put her in the mail tomorrow with a few other items!

Thank you so much to all who was more than I had anticipated! YAY!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

2 days Remaining to sign up!!

Just a gentle reminder that there are only 2 days remaining to sign up for the giveaway doll!

And a thank you to all who have signed up so far!!

This is the doll I worked on yesterday. Her name is Mazie. She looks less mad than the other one I did about a week ago. The first thing my husband said when he saw my attempt at a black folk art doll was..."Who is she mad at?"

But...I didn't let that comment stop me...I still loved every inch of her. daughter...who very much LOVES primitives...the dirtier and grungier the better...tells me..."She looks really MAD!"

Uuuuuuuuuugh! So, I thought...Okay...maybe it was the painted eyes that made her look so angry with the world? So, I worked on this one and made the eyes differently. They are stitched with black and white crochet thread.
She doesn't look mad at all...and that is confirmed by my husband...LOL!!!
And now I have got the black folk art doll bug. I like painting these dolls....I like sculpting their faces...I like painting the large lips...but I didn't like working with that cheesecloth!!!
I think it adds a nice touch to her apron...and I really wanted to make a headband for her out of it...but it was hard for me to use it...I think that I may be just making it harder than it should be...
My daughter uses it fact she is the one who gave me a bit of it to use on my dolls. I think I will stain the remainder of it and just allow it to dry and try using it that way.
Why do I have to make things so difficult for myself? Hahaha!
Mazie is available on Ebay...I listed her last nite. There are 5 photos for her.
Click HERE for the link.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Henrietta Hare~NEW is what I have been working on since I woke up this morning. Actually, I started on her yesterday evening and had to finish up this morning.

I absolutely love making these big dolls! I think I like making them more than the non traditional raggedies. They just come out really nice! Alot more work...but the outcome is worth the extra time and effort!

She is identical to Lady Elaine that I posted about below this post.
Except for the fact that she is a Easter Bunny who loves to wear chocolate!

I did the dress a bit differently on this is open in the front to expose an underskirt. This was much easier to do...but took more time.
She is also 27" tall.
Her hat is a chocolate brown with black swirl print...with a matching hat bad and florals on the side....with a big brown sheer bow to top it all off.

I even gave her teal leg stripes and 4 rusty jingle bells up her brown booties.

And lets not leave out the whiskers that are sewn into her painted muzzle.
I can hardly wait until my raw wool arrives so I can do another Lady Elaine with blonde hair!
Here is a link to the ebay listing where this bunny can be found. There are 10 photos of her and a complete detailed description of her.
If you would like to take a HERE to go to Ebay

Thank you for reading my blog post!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I just HAVE TO share...

I have been just dying to make one of these folk art OOAK dollies. I always loved art classes in high school...and I actually took as many of them as I could. I actually got to put my art classes to good use today. And yes...this doll took me most of the day to finish...I actually started on her yesterday.

I named her Lady honor of my mother in law. Yes...I actually get along quite well with my MIL and always have. She is a sweet sweet lady!

Lady Elaine is 27" tall from the top of her hat to the tip of her pointy toe booties.

Now granted I probably should have given her a little bouquet of flowers to hold...but I was just so excited to be finished with her that I didn't give her anything but a photoshoot...LOL!
And she behaved quite ladylike...She could easily be Americas Next Top Model...she took direction well.

Of course I have listed her on Ebay and there are a total of 9 photos of her...I just couldn't stop!
Details for her are all there in the listing along with those photos.
If you'd like to sneak a my guest and click the link below....have a look around....
This doll is loosley based on a Prim and Proper creations pattern...but I made so many changes to really doesn't look like the doll I was supposed to be making...But I gotta give credit where credit is due.

100 FOLLOWERS!...Time for a GIVEAWAY!!

As promised...I am a woman of my word...or something like that! honor of my 100th follower...up for grabs is this 14" little Annie done in multicolor checks and a saltbox print apron! She even holds a little saltbox ornie which dangles from her wrist!

Here are the rules....

1) To recieve this giveaway item...YOU MUST BE A US RESIDENT TO PARTICIPATE.
2) Post one of the photos on the sidebar of your blog linking people back to this post.
3) Comment on this blog post.

Simple rules...right?
So...lets get this started!! Sign up will run from today February 8th until February 15th when a winner will be drawn. I will post the winning name on the 16th of this month.
Good luck...lets see how many entries we can would knock me out of my chair to see everyone enter this. have a double chance for coming back to the blog!!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Seriously...I don't know how they disappeared or where they have gone or who this follower was...but I had 98 followers the other day...and came on a day later to find I had lost one...I was down to 97. I am certain they are wandering the vast wasteland of Blogger....aimlessly serching to find their way back.... Sooooooo....I am offering a REWARD for this lost follower! What is the reward?.....well...for now it is HUSH HUSH....but....if someone can find me just one more follower to fill this opening I now will be pleasantly surprised with the reward that will go up as a GIVEAWAY for all who choose to sign up for it. Once I get to 100 followers...JUST ONE MORE....I will create that giveaway post with all the simple instructions to sign up.

I am really not good at keeping secrets....but I am NOT posting a photo will give you a is a 14" dollie done in a saltbox print and she carries a little saltbox house ornie...That HAS TO BE worth the effort of finding 1 more follower for me to get this party started! LOL! She is NOT one of the $10 dollies....

Whomever finds the follower....have the follower comment on the giveaway sign up post that I will make...and mention YOUR name....then you will get an extra chance at winning this cute little dollie....once I post up the actual giveaway post.

So...I suppose this post is like an appetizer.....a prelude of things to come...stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011~My backyard drifts~

This 1st photo shows a car that was abandoned in the middle of the street sometime before 10PM last nite. Hubby and I had gone just 4 blocks to a friends house and after getting out of his driveway and onto our street...we saw something dark amidst the blizzard...a one in it...they just left it. It was still there this morning at 8AM.

Hubby decided to bust out the snow mind you it is in the shed in the backyard...yep...that is the shed in the bottom photo in the bottom right corner. He had to snowblow thru the backyard...then thru the gate...see photo in the middle...around the side of the garage...and then out into the driveway.

I am not kidding....some of these drifts are 8ft tall. Both of the entrance doors to the house were blocked by 4ft snow drifts. Hubby had to open the storm door in the front several times before he had an opening large enough to get thru to get to a shovel.
Currently...our road is a one lane...and the main road isn't much better. The highway isn't plowed at all...not even one lane is open and that was at noon!! This is crazy!
Did I mention how much I hate snow?