Friday, January 28, 2011

New Dollies....New Pattern....

First new pattern #139 Krista Lynn. She is a combination of 2 other dolls. I recently made a few custom creations for my scarecrow doll Sydney. Sydney has rope hair and wears a hat....and once I finished the last one...I was looking at her and thought...hmmmm....with a different head....and some hair...she would make one beautiful Annie. And thus...the birth of Krista Lynn.
She is 18" of pure cuteness!! I had recently made a custom breast cancer awareness doll for another customer who wanted pink hair on that Lynn recieved some of that remaining pink hair that matched really well with this fabric I found on the clearance rack...which I usually never check....but for some reason that day...I did and found these two fabrics that really worked well of each other. She is listed and up for grabs on Ebay. The pattern is on my selling blog, Etsy, Ebay and PatternMart.

And I finished another of the Be Mine Annies, but done in pinks, last nite. She is listed and up for grabs on Ebay.
I was all out of the doilys for her I made one out of warm and natural with a blanket stitch all the way around it. I actually think I like the handmade collar best! Wish I would have done that for the pattern. I wanted to give her brown hair...but I just couldn't resist using red hair with pink clothing. It truly is a myth that redheads shouldn't wear pink.
Here are some links to view more photos or patterns.
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