Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Dollies....New Pattern SOON...

I have finished these dolls in the last few days or so...they are listed on Ebay.

This top photo is my new doll...Here Kitty Kitty. I am going to work on the pattern instructions today....if I can. She has been finished since Sunday!

She is about 18" tall wearing a paisley print dress. Over top she wears a pink and white gingham check apron which is decked out with rick rack trim and buttons near the bottom. She comes complete with her Kitty named Kat.

Click HERE to view more photos for this listing.

Of course the little Ten Dollar Annies....

I have 4 of them listed and will be working on 4 more as soon as I finish 2 of those ROUND HEAD DOLLS that gave me so many gray hairs just last week.
Yep...I am still having difficulty...but I have tweeked the pattern for the clothing just a bit. But the head.....STILL doesn't attach so easily!
I even made the neck knob larger...UGH! And

I really like the way the doll looks once finished. A lady custom ordered one done in Breast Cancer Awareness fabric and pink hair.

If you would like to view the listings of these 4 little dolls for more can click HERE HERE HERE and HERE to see them on Ebay.


I am up to 93 followers....and this is my 99 blog entry...WOOT WOOT

AS PROMISED.....once I reach 100 followers...there will be another dollie giveaway! And she will be a cutie! I already have her saved back especially for this.


  1. Kat,
    The Raggedy with her kitty doll is adorable!
    The pattern will be a good seller.

  2. Love your little girl and her Kat. How precious. By the way I have a give away so come over and enter. I'm looking forward to seeing your give away soon.