Friday, January 7, 2011

My 100th post...NEW PATTERN

Well....I finally had time to type up the instructions for pattern #137 Here Kitty Kitty just this morning.

My grandson is not here this it is more quiet...thus I can think better...LOL!!

I have listed her on Ebay and I have her listed on PatternMart also. I am a new seller on the PatternMart site. Hopefully that goes well...I really like that site and have purchased many e-patterns from there. UNFORTUNATELY...I do not know how to make my patterns I am selling them on

PatternMart as mailed patterns also. And they are cheaper on PatternMart. Not so many fees and stuff. Someday I will become computer smart....but don't hold your breath. I'm not. This is the only pattern I have listed there so far. I will add more over the weekend. It is a very easy to use site so far. Thank goodness!

I am also listing her in my Etsy Shoppe...later today. So she is making quite a debut in just a matter of hours...LOL!

Here are some links to view the pattern at various sites.


Thanks for taking a peek ladies!!♥

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