Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside.....

Well, after 2 weeks of nursing my is back to normal. I don't know what I did to it...I think I may have pulled some muscles in it or something...but it really slowed me down....and I get bored easily when I am not making something. It hurt so badly it was hard to hold a pair of scissors...UGH!! I couldn't stand I went out and purchased a pair of scissors that are recommended by the arthritis foundation....SERIOUSLY!! And a glove that is tight on your hand but allows your fingers to dangle out of it....I felt like busting out a Michael Jackson moonwalk when I was wearing this thing. All I needed was a bit of glitter on this gold glove! is soooooooo cold here this morning...I think we even had a light dusting of the white stuff last nite. I am soooo done with winter! Enuf is enuf!
Thought I would post up my new addition to the Etsy shoppe. Bottom photo of Hayden and Iggy. Just listed this set on there this morning. Maybe it is too early for Bunnies? But this is a wonderful little set. More springy in appearance than Easter looking.
And my new pattern for Be Mine Annie which is the top photo and is now listed in the Etsy Shoppe, Ebay and PatternMart. YAY!! The actual doll is listed on Ebay.
Here are some links to the listings....
Finished doll HERE Finished Bunny Set HERE Be Mine Annie Paper Pattern HERE


  1. è possibile ricevere i cartamodelli via e-mail in pdf? sono italiana!

  2. I am sorry Paola. I do not send patterns via PDF email. I only send patterns via mail.

  3. Kat - I couldn't tell the difference in your doll making with a hurt hand. They, as always, are beautiful. Great job!