Wednesday, November 24, 2010

♥~Happy Thanksgiving~♥

Well....there is no time like the present to put off what you will scramble to finish tomorrow...That is my motto....or at least how I operate. Yes...tis true. I should have made that chocolate cream pie today....but I didn't. I should have dried out my bread for stuffing....but I didn't. I could have gotten things ready for the Cheesy Broccoli and Rice guessed it....I DIDN"T!

So you are probably wondering what I did manage to do today? Well....I finished my Winter Friends Trio....which pattern will soon be available for...LOL! Oh...and I finished up some stitchery pillows that were lying around for.....uhm....about 2 kidding! I don't even know who actually designed these stitcheries they are so old. I did them for my daughters open house/craft show this Friday and Saturday. If they do not sell at her show....I will be listing them on Ebay and talking about them here....naturally! If you would like to view more photos of this Triple Set you can get to my ebay listing by clicking HERE.
So....I just wanted to get this out there....and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Memories of Christmas Past

This is a spin off post thanks to Pat from Ahl Cooped Up who jolted my memory, this morning, back to our very first "REAL" Christmas tree.....and last.
We had decided that year....the kids were old let's all pile into the Chevy S10 and head up to the Christmas Tree Farm. They had advertised cut your own trees for only $ we figured it would be a great adventure and memory for the kids to not only pick out a tree for the livingroom...but to actually help cut it down.
So, we all bundled up. It was very cold and windy that day yet we all braved the weather and walked thru the masses of planted trees to pick out our very first real tree.
Once you get out into the is hard to visualize just the size you want. We didn't bring a tape we had to rely on our own height compared to the tree. We had been given a saw from the owner of the farm to cut down the tree. The kids were so cold they didn't even want to help....LOL...and I was shivering and just wanted it over. husband cut down the tree and carried it up to where we had parked. He loaded it into the back of the S10 and we were headed home with the heater blasting.
Now...bear in mind that there are 4 of us riding in that seats weren't mandatory back my youngest wasn't in one....I think he was 3 or 4 which would make my daughter 7 or 8. Ryan, was standing in the front seat....looking out the back window at the tree...while Courtney sat right next to me. He started jumping. So I told him he needed to sit down....and then I looked out the back window and noticed that the wind was beginning to catch the tree branches. My husband had put it into the bed of the truck backwards....with the top of the tree towards the front. And just as I began to say...."Uhm....the tree is catching some wind..." it flew out of the back! Then I just said...."And there it goes!" and I began laughing as the tree went into the road, and rolled like a tumbleweed, then ended up resting in the ditch. My husband didn't think it was as funny as the kids and I thought....for some reason. He stopped and backed the truck up to retrieve the tree from the ditch. He loaded it up into the back of the truck bed again....the RIGHT WAY. As he got back into the vehicle I said..."That was a great trick! I'll bet that knocked off all the loose needles!" Then he thought it was funny!
There were alot of broken branches near the bottom of the tree....but it was fine....there was just more room to put presents beneath it. I will never forget that "REAL" tree...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Big~Fat Patches Santa

As I said in this mornings post....I would be making a new post about this guy once he was finished....Ta-daaaa!

He is finished and he is on Ebay...I have added a Buy It Now option for this one...and I NEVER do that...
I actually made 2 of these...almost identical. I am saving one of them for the Craft Show/Open House on the 26th and 27th....I promised!
If it doesn't sell there...then it will be up for auction also.
You can click HERE to view more photos of my ebay listing.


Just listed these 2 Candy Cane Annies....a pattern by Sandy from Olde Country Cupboard. I just can't get enough of this dollie and the I love Gingerbread one either for that matter. I love doing the stitched faces for some reason...LOL!

So....these 2 are of course listed on Ebay.
They are slightly different. A bit of difference in the face...and the ponytail bows are different. They both wear the same homespun plaid dress in green, barn red, and cream.
I have even given them little prim tags around their necks!
The Big Fat Patches Santa's are almost finished....they have taken me a bit longer than I anticipated due to my decision to do a bit more hand stitching to make their trim pop! Never again! I should have them finished before the end of the day....and of course I will make yet another post about it...LOL!
To view more photos of these gals you can follow these links to ebay by clicking HERE and HERE.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Olde Vintage Annies

I have sewn up 4 more of these little 14" Olde Vintage Annies. And they are part of the $10 doll listings.....where else....Ebay...LOL!

This first one is the remainder of the red and off white check print.
The 2nd one wears a burgundy and sage green leaf on cream background print dress.

I really love this red, green and cream homespun plaid...found it in my stash while looking for some fall print to do a custom order scarecrow for someone.

And this last one in a red floral on cream.
I love doing these old looking dollies with stitched faces. Soooooo much easier than painting...LOL!! And they are equally as cute!
Right now I am working on 2 big fat Patches Santa's for ebay....they will be dressed in a barn red and cream homespun plaid.... And I am doing 2 of the Candy Cane Annies from Olde Country Cupboard....I love that dollie....but I am giving her a completely handstitched face.
To view more photos of Olde Vintage can click the following links to get to the Ebay listings. HERE HERE HERE HERE

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Elf and Santa's Favorite Cookie

Yep...where else....Ebay...LOL! I just had to....I think I will end up oweing them a lock of hair from my first born by the end of the month...hahaha!
I had to do another Ralphie...some one requested there he is...a bit maintain that one of a kind feel.
And I did one of my old designs...Santa's Favorite Cookie...but with a painted nose...AND I used a gingerbread cookie ornie from Sandy's pattern "I love Gingerbread" just for added eye appeal. She turned out nicely. To view more can click HERE and HERE to go to Ebay.

Angel Lush Dessert~

Now granted this is not a photo of the cake that I made...but it is similar.

My mom gave me this recipe...she makes it for my dad who is am I. It is easy and VERY simple. I think I will make it to take to Thanksgiving this year. I "frost" the entire outer area of this cake...not just the layers. And it is so good it doesn't need the strawberries on top...I think they are just for edible decoration.

1 pkg. 10oz round Angel Food Cake (premade from your bakery) Sometimes I can find them sugar free!
1 can crushed pineapple in natural juice, UNDRAINED
1 pkg. 3.5 oz Jello instant pudding, Vanilla Sugar-Free
1 pkg. Sugar Free Cool Whip

Cut angel food cake into 3 layers using a serated knife. Mix together Pineapple and pudding. Stir in Cool Whip...this is your frosting. Place bottom layer of cake on a plate...or leave it on the little black thing it comes in...Frost this first layer allowing some of the "frosting" to fall down the sides. Place on center layer...frost this layer allowing some to fall down the sides. Place on top layer and frost. Now using the remainder of the frosting...frost the outer layers of the cake.

I refrigerate this cake and allow it to set up for about 4 hours before serving. It is probably my favorite light and Low in sugar!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Craft Shows...Open House...New Babies...

I am sitting here and literally starving! I can hear my stomach rumbling and I feel it too. And I am thinking about Thanksgiving. And honestly...I can hardly wait!! LOL!! We are having Thanksgiving at my daughter Courtney's house. And right after all the guests/family leave...we have to begin set up for her VERY FIRST Open House Craft show. We have 5 crafters....YAY!! Not bad for something that we thought up during a boring craft show on Saturday. It will be a 2 day event....beginning at 9AM on BLACK FRIDAY of all things....and run again on Saturday at the same times...9AM-5PM. It will be set up botique style and have a central checkout! I am looking forward to this also...but it is hard not to list dolls on ebay and save them for her show...LOL!!
I finished 3 dolls over the weekend...woot woot! Another of Sandy's patterns from Olde Country Cupboard...and 2 more of the "NAMELESS" doll...hahaha. Maybe I will just call her Megan? Or Heather? She desperately needs a name.
The first one is I LOVE GINGERBREAD done in a brown, gold and green homespun plaid and she carries 2 little gingerbread cookies...mmmmmm....still hungry!
The next one is done in a Santa's and Reindeer print apron with a gold swirl and holly leaf print dress.
And favorite one....just look at that attitude on her face...she is adorable!
She wears a muted red tonal with red and gold polka dot dress....and a penguin patchwork print apron.
To view more photos of these listings, you can click HERE HERE and HERE to go to Ebay......of course.

Friday, November 12, 2010

New Pattern Available...

I just listed the pattern for Ralphie on my Selling Blog. You can get to it by clicking this link.

Also I just listed 4 more "$10 dollies on Ebay...
2 of them have the vintage looking faces....and YES it is official I forgot to put bows in their hair...LOL! But, I am putting them they will come to you with bows.
One of them is done in a red Christmas Tree print...the other in a deep red wedding ring print.

The next one is done in a light blue with white snowflake print.
And this one in a bright blue with snowmen.
All these lovely ladies are 14" and perfect for gift giving or using as your own holiday decorations!
Here is a link to the Ebay listings....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crankin out the dollies....Newly listed this morning...

I tell ya....I am in some sort of serious doll making mode...LOL! I finished these two "lovelies" just this morning...and put them on Ebay..where else?
This 1st cutie is done in red with gold and black christmas trees. This fabric almost has a velvety touch to it...really nice. She wears a poinsetta print apron atop. Her eyes are a bit "glammed up" for the holidays with just a hint of apple green eyeshadow...I think it makes her eyes just POP!!

This little one is dressed in a pale blue with brown polka dots. And her apron is a simply irresistable monkey print! I love it! Now if she only had a little sock monkey to go with...Hmmmm?.... She is also "glammed up" with a bit of blue eyeshadow...

These 2 babies are a perfect 14" size...small ...yet big
on personality!!
If you would like to view more can click HERE and HERE to get to the listings....

Thanks for peeking!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ralphie the Elf~NEW~

New for this holiday season is Ralphie the Elf...I named him Ralphie after my father in law who passed away a year ago....and for my own father with the same name. In fact...I used to call my father in law Ralphie...or Pops...and my husband calls my dad Ralphie...weird!
This guy is 23" tall and stained with a blend of coffee and tea for a perfectly prim skin tone. He wears a black shirt featuring peppermints, stockings filled with candy canes, and gift packages. He wears a green vest with snowflakes stitched down the front sides of his vest. There are also 4 rusty jingle bells attached to the front with lacing in between them. I have added a prim tag to his neck with his name on it and on the back of the tag it reads...Pattern Cover Doll....Kats Country Prims...Kat Kosch...11-9-10. His pants are a coordinating stripe. His booties are also green with 6 points on each bootie...each point has a rusty jingle bell and a snowflake stitched above it.

Pattern will soon be available for Ralphie as soon as I get it typed up....I am sooooooo excited!!!

I absolutely love how Ralphie turned out....and I hope you do too!
To view more photos of Ralphie on my Ebay listing you can click HERE to go to the ebay listing.
Thank you for peeking!

Monday, November 8, 2010

~NEW~Simply Courtney Finished Dolls up for grabs...

Yesterday, I finished these two 23" Simply Courtney dolls made from my pattern for this doll which you can find within my ebay, etsy or sellingblog listings.
These 2 are done in holiday fabrics. The 1st one wears a black blouse featuring packages, snowflakes, candy canes, christmas trees and stockings filled with candy canes. Her skirt is a coordinating stripe featuring the same items.
The 2nd dollie wears a pale blue with white snowflake print blouse. Her skirt is a bright blue with snowflakes and swirls featuring snowmen in a winter setting. If you would like to view more photos of these 2 can click HERE and HERE to go to Ebay.
I have cut out a NEW elf design...spent most of the evening drawing him onto paper. I will be working on him today...and hopefully be finished by tomorrow! If he turns out good...I will write up pattern to him. I am also working on 2 more of the 14" dollies done in holiday prints. Not the $10 dolls...but the ones with the aprons. The doll with no name...LOL!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Just finished this vintage looking Annie last nite! I was very excited to work on this dollie. In fact, the minute I finshed the raggedy set below...I started right in on her. She is another one of the patterns that I won awhile back from Sandy...The Olde Country Cupboard. And again...I must say I loved doing this little gal! Of course my rendition isn't identical to Sandys...but similar.
I just loved these little gingerbread men...HOW FUN!!
I love that the dress is just a one piece. Very simple...and I love simple!
Here is a bit about this doll.
She is approx. 23" tall. Made from muslin and stained for a realistic skin tone.

Her dress is a burgundy, navy and cream homespun check with 2 buttons at chest. I have created a grubby prim tag which proclaims her love for gingerbread. Her apron is grubby stained and I have stitched in red I LOVE GINGERBREAD. Apron waist straps bow tie in the back...shoulder straps loop around back of neck. I have given her grungy stained bloomers beneath her ensemble.
Her legs have traditional stripes. Her hair is a raggedy red tone wool with matching bows tucked in between bundles. Her face is completly hand stitched with button eyes.
Oh and the gingerbread "cookies"...not really cookies at all...stained muslin...LOL!
To view more photos of this HERE to go to my Ebay listing.
Thanks for takin' a peek...

Friday, November 5, 2010


I have been a busy busy girl! I just finished this snowman print with a light blue with white snowflake contrasting fabric this morning....of course they are listed on Ebay...LOL!

All my dollies are more non traditional raggedies...I think the only thing that makes them raggedies is perhaps the noses.

Annie even has a bit of blue "eyeshadow" for a positively glamorus look.

They both have little round metal edge prim tags proclaiming their love for each other...I ♥ Andy and I ♥ Annie...respectively.

They are 14" tall...a good size...small enough to fit anywhere yet large enough to be visible.

Andy's hat is not attached to his head and may be placed upon his head any way you like.

To view more photos of this can click HERE to go to the ebay listing.

Thanks for taking a peek at my dollies.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just Listed Patches Santa....

I just finished and listed a Patches Santa on Ebay....and I almost gave the option of a "Buy It Now" item...but decided not to. This big fat guy is 31" tall. He is dressed in a red poinsetta print with warm and natural trim....and of course patches...10 of them in all. Each patch has a white button hand tied to the center. His face is hand painted, shaded and sealed...and this one is even signed and dated by me.

I really had no idea that people actually looked for a signature...but they do!

Anyway...gotta finish the Christmas Raggedy set...their clothes are all sewn they need to get dressed. I have done them in a blue snowflake and snowman print...should be cute...we shall see.

If you would like to view more photos of this big fat jolly man....go to ebay by clicking HERE

~NEW~Ten Dollar Dollies

I don't know why I refer to them as "Ten Dollar Dolls" because they are closer to $11...LOL! But I do enjoy making these 14" cuties. They are just the right size..small enough to fit anywhere..but large enough to be seen!

First is the last piece of the Let It Snow fabric with a golden leaf on cream as the bodice. I love these crooked smiles...looks like they have a bit of attitude going on...LOL!

Second one is done in a creamy beige with floral tonal bodice and a rich brown floral dress skirt.

This 3rd one is done in the remainder of the Gingerbread man fabric. I just loved how the plaid worked with the gingerbread is so bright and cheery!

Now this 4th one is exhibiting some she really didn't want to be photographed...but was good enough to sit patiently while I finished...hahaha. She wears some of the Christmas tree fabric with a muted red tonal with snowflake print.
These gals are adorable! To view more photos of can get to their listings on Ebay by clicking HERE HERE HERE or HERE