Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trying something NEW....

Well...I decided just before Christmas to treat myself to a pattern that I had saved to my "watch list" for quite some of those round head dolls. Oh my goodnes...what a frustrating experience for me! Either that or I just wasn't catching onto the limited instructions...LOL! I had sewn up 2 heads for these dolls...gave them identical faces....well, as close to identical as I could...and I just felt like the opening for the neck was too I gathered it up a bit before trying to put it on the neck knob...which I thought was too small...LOL! I got so frustrated with this head that I cut it was just not going on right...and I couldn't seem to get it on the neck properly. I yanked all the stuffing out of them both and thought....maybe I had just sewn them together I made 2 more heads...LOL...while the other two still layed on the coffee table. I stuffed one of them....and realized I HAD NOT sewn them wrong....these 2 were the same as the 1st 2...with the same large opening at the bottom....UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure if I am cut out for the intense pressure I was feeling from these NOW 4 HEADS.... So...I gathered up the bottoms again....placed them on the teeny tiny neck knob.....and began attaching it....around and around the neck....I made 2 laps around the neck.....WHEW!! And it didn't look least it was connected...and not wobbly....kinda crooked...but I felt that would give her character....a wonderous if she were saying..."HUH?" Kinda like what I must have looked like once the head was completed. LOL! are the pics of my very first round head dolls....not sure about those other 2 heads I is isn't even stuffed...but maybe now that I ALMOST know what I am doing....I will make 2 more of these....?...


  1. I think they are both adorable. I have tried making round head dolls and have the same fustration. I guess I just have to practice doing them.

  2. Gotta love those wonderful frustrating projects we take on.LoL..They turned out really cute.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Kat,
    For some strange reason, I think I know the pattern you are talking about. I tried it and threw my heads away. I even tried cutting them out with the grain, and against the grain of the fabric.
    You made out better than I did. Your's are adorable!!!

  4. Humm, haven't tried a round head yet. Sounds to hard to me. But your's came out great. You can't tell you went through all that trouble. They both are so cute!


  5. I don't know....I hate to let those heads go to waste....just sitting by the sewing basket. LOL! And probably DO know the pattern I am talking about. VERY HARD to make that head fit on that knob! I am going to chage that pattern up to fit better....and make that dress longer...I have 2 heads ready to why not? Thanks ladies....I am glad there are others who feel my pain! Hahaha!