Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trying something NEW....

Well...I decided just before Christmas to treat myself to a pattern that I had saved to my "watch list" for quite some of those round head dolls. Oh my goodnes...what a frustrating experience for me! Either that or I just wasn't catching onto the limited instructions...LOL! I had sewn up 2 heads for these dolls...gave them identical faces....well, as close to identical as I could...and I just felt like the opening for the neck was too I gathered it up a bit before trying to put it on the neck knob...which I thought was too small...LOL! I got so frustrated with this head that I cut it was just not going on right...and I couldn't seem to get it on the neck properly. I yanked all the stuffing out of them both and thought....maybe I had just sewn them together I made 2 more heads...LOL...while the other two still layed on the coffee table. I stuffed one of them....and realized I HAD NOT sewn them wrong....these 2 were the same as the 1st 2...with the same large opening at the bottom....UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure if I am cut out for the intense pressure I was feeling from these NOW 4 HEADS.... So...I gathered up the bottoms again....placed them on the teeny tiny neck knob.....and began attaching it....around and around the neck....I made 2 laps around the neck.....WHEW!! And it didn't look least it was connected...and not wobbly....kinda crooked...but I felt that would give her character....a wonderous if she were saying..."HUH?" Kinda like what I must have looked like once the head was completed. LOL! are the pics of my very first round head dolls....not sure about those other 2 heads I is isn't even stuffed...but maybe now that I ALMOST know what I am doing....I will make 2 more of these....?...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The winner of the little Annie in Blue Monkeys is Jean at Prim Crafts! YAY! Please contact me at with your address so that I can get her out to you!

Thank you to everyone who entered!

I am now at 90 followers! When I reach 100 followers I will have another give away. And I am almost at 100 posts! I think I only need 3 more...LOL!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yep...still sewin'...

Yes, I am still at it. These are the 5 dolls I have listed the past 2 days. AND I am working on a homespun Raggedy Set tonite and hopefully I will have them listed by Friday or dare I say...Christmas day?

I have 2 of the Beth dolls listed and 3 of the $10 dolls.

I really don't have alot to do this year to ready myself for Christmas.

I have to bake some pies. And that is about it.

But we aren't going to be here for Christmas. Friday we are going across town to Courtney's house and then Christmas Day we will be going to Reedsburg WI to my Mother in laws.

We rotate where Christmas will be each

year. Last year it was here.

I actually like doing it that way.

Less stressful!

Anyway, if you would like to view more photos of these lovely ladies you can click HERE HERE HERE HERE and HERE to go to each Ebay listing.

Thanks for takin a peek!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I was going to wait until my 100th blog entry to have a giveaway....but...I have decided to give away this litte cutie NOW. She is a 14" Raggedy Ann style doll handmade by me. She wears a mock 2 piece dress. The dress bodice is teal blue and chocolate polka dot with a tan button attached to bodice front. Her dress skirt is a teal monkey print. She has unstained bloomers beneath her dress. Her shoes are painted black and I have attached off white scalloped edge lace to shoe tops giving the illusion of socks. Her hair is a brown speckled wool yarn tied into ponies with matching fabric bows. Her face is hand drawn, hand painted, shaded and sealed.
In order to be considered for this giveaway drawing,
1) You must become or already be a follower of my blog.
2) You must post this on the sidebar of your own blog.
3) You must comment on this blog.

Drawing will be held Dec. 27th.....and winner will be posted on the 28th! YAY!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Let There Be DOLLS....

Just listed this morning 4 more of the "$10 dolls" on ebay! I am just going to continue to make these little darlin's throughout the holidays.

Maybe even go thru the stash to see what I can find for Valentine's Day fabrics. Not sure if I saved any from last year....but there is hope....Fingers Crossed!

This first cutie is made from a collection of pinks and browns. I made "twins" for my daughter to give to her sister-in-law for Christmas. Katie, the sister in law, does have twin girls. They turned out so darn cute that I made 2 more with this fabric but gave one of them brown hair. The first one is called Pink Paisley.

The second one is called
brown polka dot.

This 3rd one is done is a golden tonal floral leaf print with a coordinating brown floral dress skirt.

And last but certainly not least...this one is done is a blue tonal floral bocide with a yellow and cream mini check with tiny blue floral dress skirt. I especially like this one...I don't know if it is the way she sat for the photo...or the colors. I just love her!
You can check them out by clicking on these links HERE HERE HERE and HERE which will take you directly to their listings on Ebay....

Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Thinking.....

Seriously....that not too many people blog anymore. Granted....I haven't written anything since Thanksgiving...but....honest....I have reason!
My daughters home show/open house was pretty good. I really didn't have much to sell....some ornies and some pillows...about 5 dolls and a big Santa. I sold some things...but the remainder of the items hit Ebay by Sunday nite and early Monday mornin'. She did well with her soy melts, candles, and painted snowman cans. And the big hit was puppy chow....that's right...puppy chow. The sweet sensation that is made from chex cereal. LOL!!
She even did well at her show here in town. I never did! But...I did manage to sell one more pillow and a few more dolls. I think if I had more time to do shows....I might do well again. But apparently I like busting my hump for ebay....LOL!
I did manage to type up the pattern for the Winter Friends Trio which is photo'd below this blog. It is listed in my Etsy shoppe and on Ebay. I could probably put it as a buy it now here on the sidebar with a button....and perhaps I will do that later this evening or tomorrow morning. Well....I have to think about something to make for is 3:17 and I still haven't laid anything out. Hubby has a board members club meeting I really don't have to make anything. There is a leftover chicken pot pie in the fridge he can take for lunch tomorrow. Anyway.....get to postin all my bloggin friends.....I love to read and comment... AND I LOVE COMMENTS TOO Y'KNOW....