Friday, November 5, 2010


I have been a busy busy girl! I just finished this snowman print with a light blue with white snowflake contrasting fabric this morning....of course they are listed on Ebay...LOL!

All my dollies are more non traditional raggedies...I think the only thing that makes them raggedies is perhaps the noses.

Annie even has a bit of blue "eyeshadow" for a positively glamorus look.

They both have little round metal edge prim tags proclaiming their love for each other...I ♥ Andy and I ♥ Annie...respectively.

They are 14" tall...a good size...small enough to fit anywhere yet large enough to be visible.

Andy's hat is not attached to his head and may be placed upon his head any way you like.

To view more photos of this can click HERE to go to the ebay listing.

Thanks for taking a peek at my dollies.

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