Saturday, November 20, 2010

Olde Vintage Annies

I have sewn up 4 more of these little 14" Olde Vintage Annies. And they are part of the $10 doll listings.....where else....Ebay...LOL!

This first one is the remainder of the red and off white check print.
The 2nd one wears a burgundy and sage green leaf on cream background print dress.

I really love this red, green and cream homespun plaid...found it in my stash while looking for some fall print to do a custom order scarecrow for someone.

And this last one in a red floral on cream.
I love doing these old looking dollies with stitched faces. Soooooo much easier than painting...LOL!! And they are equally as cute!
Right now I am working on 2 big fat Patches Santa's for ebay....they will be dressed in a barn red and cream homespun plaid.... And I am doing 2 of the Candy Cane Annies from Olde Country Cupboard....I love that dollie....but I am giving her a completely handstitched face.
To view more photos of Olde Vintage can click the following links to get to the Ebay listings. HERE HERE HERE HERE

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