Thursday, November 4, 2010

~NEW~Ten Dollar Dollies

I don't know why I refer to them as "Ten Dollar Dolls" because they are closer to $11...LOL! But I do enjoy making these 14" cuties. They are just the right size..small enough to fit anywhere..but large enough to be seen!

First is the last piece of the Let It Snow fabric with a golden leaf on cream as the bodice. I love these crooked smiles...looks like they have a bit of attitude going on...LOL!

Second one is done in a creamy beige with floral tonal bodice and a rich brown floral dress skirt.

This 3rd one is done in the remainder of the Gingerbread man fabric. I just loved how the plaid worked with the gingerbread is so bright and cheery!

Now this 4th one is exhibiting some she really didn't want to be photographed...but was good enough to sit patiently while I finished...hahaha. She wears some of the Christmas tree fabric with a muted red tonal with snowflake print.
These gals are adorable! To view more photos of can get to their listings on Ebay by clicking HERE HERE HERE or HERE

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