Monday, November 8, 2010

~NEW~Simply Courtney Finished Dolls up for grabs...

Yesterday, I finished these two 23" Simply Courtney dolls made from my pattern for this doll which you can find within my ebay, etsy or sellingblog listings.
These 2 are done in holiday fabrics. The 1st one wears a black blouse featuring packages, snowflakes, candy canes, christmas trees and stockings filled with candy canes. Her skirt is a coordinating stripe featuring the same items.
The 2nd dollie wears a pale blue with white snowflake print blouse. Her skirt is a bright blue with snowflakes and swirls featuring snowmen in a winter setting. If you would like to view more photos of these 2 can click HERE and HERE to go to Ebay.
I have cut out a NEW elf design...spent most of the evening drawing him onto paper. I will be working on him today...and hopefully be finished by tomorrow! If he turns out good...I will write up pattern to him. I am also working on 2 more of the 14" dollies done in holiday prints. Not the $10 dolls...but the ones with the aprons. The doll with no name...LOL!

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