Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Memories of Christmas Past

This is a spin off post thanks to Pat from Ahl Cooped Up who jolted my memory, this morning, back to our very first "REAL" Christmas tree.....and last.
We had decided that year....the kids were old enough...so let's all pile into the Chevy S10 and head up to the Christmas Tree Farm. They had advertised cut your own trees for only $30...so we figured it would be a great adventure and memory for the kids to not only pick out a tree for the livingroom...but to actually help cut it down.
So, we all bundled up. It was very cold and windy that day yet we all braved the weather and walked thru the masses of planted trees to pick out our very first real tree.
Once you get out into the plantings....it is hard to visualize just the size you want. We didn't bring a tape measure....so we had to rely on our own height compared to the tree. We had been given a saw from the owner of the farm to cut down the tree. The kids were so cold they didn't even want to help....LOL...and I was shivering and just wanted it over.
So...my husband cut down the tree and carried it up to where we had parked. He loaded it into the back of the S10 and we were headed home with the heater blasting.
Now...bear in mind that there are 4 of us riding in that S10...car seats weren't mandatory back then...so my youngest wasn't in one....I think he was 3 or 4 which would make my daughter 7 or 8. Ryan, was standing in the front seat....looking out the back window at the tree...while Courtney sat right next to me. He started jumping. So I told him he needed to sit down....and then I looked out the back window and noticed that the wind was beginning to catch the tree branches. My husband had put it into the bed of the truck backwards....with the top of the tree towards the front. And just as I began to say...."Uhm....the tree is catching some wind..." it flew out of the back! Then I just said...."And there it goes!" and I began laughing as the tree went into the road, and rolled like a tumbleweed, then ended up resting in the ditch. My husband didn't think it was as funny as the kids and I thought....for some reason. He stopped and backed the truck up to retrieve the tree from the ditch. He loaded it up into the back of the truck bed again....the RIGHT WAY. As he got back into the vehicle I said..."That was a great trick! I'll bet that knocked off all the loose needles!" Then he thought it was funny!
There were alot of broken branches near the bottom of the tree....but it was fine....there was just more room to put presents beneath it. I will never forget that "REAL" tree...

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