Saturday, November 6, 2010


Just finished this vintage looking Annie last nite! I was very excited to work on this dollie. In fact, the minute I finshed the raggedy set below...I started right in on her. She is another one of the patterns that I won awhile back from Sandy...The Olde Country Cupboard. And again...I must say I loved doing this little gal! Of course my rendition isn't identical to Sandys...but similar.
I just loved these little gingerbread men...HOW FUN!!
I love that the dress is just a one piece. Very simple...and I love simple!
Here is a bit about this doll.
She is approx. 23" tall. Made from muslin and stained for a realistic skin tone.

Her dress is a burgundy, navy and cream homespun check with 2 buttons at chest. I have created a grubby prim tag which proclaims her love for gingerbread. Her apron is grubby stained and I have stitched in red I LOVE GINGERBREAD. Apron waist straps bow tie in the back...shoulder straps loop around back of neck. I have given her grungy stained bloomers beneath her ensemble.
Her legs have traditional stripes. Her hair is a raggedy red tone wool with matching bows tucked in between bundles. Her face is completly hand stitched with button eyes.
Oh and the gingerbread "cookies"...not really cookies at all...stained muslin...LOL!
To view more photos of this HERE to go to my Ebay listing.
Thanks for takin' a peek...

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