Wednesday, November 24, 2010

♥~Happy Thanksgiving~♥

Well....there is no time like the present to put off what you will scramble to finish tomorrow...That is my motto....or at least how I operate. Yes...tis true. I should have made that chocolate cream pie today....but I didn't. I should have dried out my bread for stuffing....but I didn't. I could have gotten things ready for the Cheesy Broccoli and Rice guessed it....I DIDN"T!

So you are probably wondering what I did manage to do today? Well....I finished my Winter Friends Trio....which pattern will soon be available for...LOL! Oh...and I finished up some stitchery pillows that were lying around for.....uhm....about 2 kidding! I don't even know who actually designed these stitcheries they are so old. I did them for my daughters open house/craft show this Friday and Saturday. If they do not sell at her show....I will be listing them on Ebay and talking about them here....naturally! If you would like to view more photos of this Triple Set you can get to my ebay listing by clicking HERE.
So....I just wanted to get this out there....and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. They sure are cute Kat!
    I didn't get as much cooking done today either.
    I had orders to fill.
    Tomorrow I'll be in the kitchen.
    You have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and one less dish won't matter.

  2. Hey Kat!

    I love them! They are sooo cute! The snowman doll is wearing that hat! Cocked to the side like that sooo stylish...that's what I call winter fashion at it's best! Fantastic work Kat! :)