Monday, November 15, 2010

Craft Shows...Open House...New Babies...

I am sitting here and literally starving! I can hear my stomach rumbling and I feel it too. And I am thinking about Thanksgiving. And honestly...I can hardly wait!! LOL!! We are having Thanksgiving at my daughter Courtney's house. And right after all the guests/family leave...we have to begin set up for her VERY FIRST Open House Craft show. We have 5 crafters....YAY!! Not bad for something that we thought up during a boring craft show on Saturday. It will be a 2 day event....beginning at 9AM on BLACK FRIDAY of all things....and run again on Saturday at the same times...9AM-5PM. It will be set up botique style and have a central checkout! I am looking forward to this also...but it is hard not to list dolls on ebay and save them for her show...LOL!!
I finished 3 dolls over the weekend...woot woot! Another of Sandy's patterns from Olde Country Cupboard...and 2 more of the "NAMELESS" doll...hahaha. Maybe I will just call her Megan? Or Heather? She desperately needs a name.
The first one is I LOVE GINGERBREAD done in a brown, gold and green homespun plaid and she carries 2 little gingerbread cookies...mmmmmm....still hungry!
The next one is done in a Santa's and Reindeer print apron with a gold swirl and holly leaf print dress.
And favorite one....just look at that attitude on her face...she is adorable!
She wears a muted red tonal with red and gold polka dot dress....and a penguin patchwork print apron.
To view more photos of these listings, you can click HERE HERE and HERE to go to Ebay......of course.


  1. They're so cute!
    Good luck, and have fun at your open house.
    Let us see some pictures!!

  2. That is a wonderful idea....I will take some photos of the open house and write a little something about it!! Thanks Pat!