Monday, November 22, 2010


Just listed these 2 Candy Cane Annies....a pattern by Sandy from Olde Country Cupboard. I just can't get enough of this dollie and the I love Gingerbread one either for that matter. I love doing the stitched faces for some reason...LOL!

So....these 2 are of course listed on Ebay.
They are slightly different. A bit of difference in the face...and the ponytail bows are different. They both wear the same homespun plaid dress in green, barn red, and cream.
I have even given them little prim tags around their necks!
The Big Fat Patches Santa's are almost finished....they have taken me a bit longer than I anticipated due to my decision to do a bit more hand stitching to make their trim pop! Never again! I should have them finished before the end of the day....and of course I will make yet another post about it...LOL!
To view more photos of these gals you can follow these links to ebay by clicking HERE and HERE.

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