Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Angel Lush Dessert~

Now granted this is not a photo of the cake that I made...but it is similar.

My mom gave me this recipe...she makes it for my dad who is am I. It is easy and VERY simple. I think I will make it to take to Thanksgiving this year. I "frost" the entire outer area of this cake...not just the layers. And it is so good it doesn't need the strawberries on top...I think they are just for edible decoration.

1 pkg. 10oz round Angel Food Cake (premade from your bakery) Sometimes I can find them sugar free!
1 can crushed pineapple in natural juice, UNDRAINED
1 pkg. 3.5 oz Jello instant pudding, Vanilla Sugar-Free
1 pkg. Sugar Free Cool Whip

Cut angel food cake into 3 layers using a serated knife. Mix together Pineapple and pudding. Stir in Cool Whip...this is your frosting. Place bottom layer of cake on a plate...or leave it on the little black thing it comes in...Frost this first layer allowing some of the "frosting" to fall down the sides. Place on center layer...frost this layer allowing some to fall down the sides. Place on top layer and frost. Now using the remainder of the frosting...frost the outer layers of the cake.

I refrigerate this cake and allow it to set up for about 4 hours before serving. It is probably my favorite light and Low in sugar!!

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