Monday, October 25, 2010

New Blog & Memories of Craftshow Past

Yes, today I will be helping my daughter create a blog. I will post a link to her blog once I have it set up. She desperately needs an outlet for her creativity. She makes grubby decorative candles and is really quite good at it. She makes many other items as well. Scented melts, salt dough gingerbreadmen ornies, orange slices with homespun ties to hang on the tree...and they smell wonderful...etc etc. Sometimes I think she is more creative than me...LOL! Honestly!
She isn't much of a sewer...can't sew a straight line to save her soul...but what she lacks is the sewing department...she makes up for in the candle and scented melts department.

Yesterday, I ventured out with her to a local craft show at the County College. I quickly remembered why I had stopped doing that show. And another craft show going on in that town didn't help for a good turn out either. LOL!

I do, however, remember when that show was good. Back in the late 90's and early 2000 when friend from Old Bag Designs...and I would share a booth. The show was the last one of the season...the first weekend in December...(and now it has been moved up to October?) The show would begin at 10AM and we would have ladies lined up within the booth with multiple items in their arms. We couldn't ring them up and bag the items fast enough. And this would usually last for the first 3 hours! It was AMAZING!! I really miss those days! And I also miss doing shows with Kim! (Hope you read this Kimmy) You could always count on her to make any boring moments laughable...due to her lack of sleep from trying to finish that last doll that she just KNEW was going to sell.....and usually didn't. LOL! About the only thing that I don't miss about doing shows is loading, unloading, setting up...tearing down, loading and reloading back into the garage...Hahaha! True Story! It is alot of work...and I think towards the last year of my craft show days I had finally gotten a large rolly cart so that only one trip from truck to booth was necessary. And before that....I enlisted the help of both my children to carry boxes and crates to the designated area. It had gotten to the point that just the mere mention of "craft show" would send them running to phone a friend to stay the night somewhere else so they didn't have to help...LOL! I totally prefer being able to list my dollies for sale on ebay, etsy and even here on the blog...the weather is better here....and the only thing I have to lift is myself out of the chair.

Thanks for reading my ramblings!!

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