Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Yesterday I finished a set of Raggedies made from the Yankee Doodle Raggedies pattern designed by me which is available to purchase on Ebay, Etsy and here on my selling blog.

This set is done in rich burgundy, navy and cream homespun plaids! I just love this set and had to share some photos of them here on my blog!

It was so blustery here yesterday...rainy and windy...I had to resort to photographing inside on the old Hoosier cabinet! The photos turned out nice, but I much prefer natural lighting outdoors!

I have also listed another non-traditional Annie....not sure what to call this doll that I have been selling for quite awhile now. I need a name for her...Hahaha! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....then maybe I could turn her into pattern. For some reason, I am drawing a blank. Go figure!

Currently I am working on 2 elves. Eddy the Raggedy Elf who is also available in my pattern listings here on my selling blog, ebay and etsy. He is the elf that holds a candy cane and has the innocent look about him. I will post photos of him when I get them finished....hopefully by tomorrow....but don't hold your breath....I have laundry to do today and that will cut into my on the couch sewing time...LOL!

The photos of the other doll...the one that needs a name....turned out so badly that I didn't even want to post one...LOL! But that is her at the top of the post. I need to try to venture outside this morning and rephoto her...but even today appears to be gloomy and windy...and the deck is still wet. I don't want her to blow away and have to chase her about the yard. LOL!
To view more photos of these can click HERE and HERE.


  1. Hi - love your dollies and the one without a name is cute. If the nameless doll with the Christmas tree dress is the one you are talking about I like the name of Noel for her. Cute winter background on your blog. Have a great day!

  2. Thanks Pat! I like the name Noel too...and thanks for your comment about the background...I love Scrappin' Blogs layouts!