Sunday, October 31, 2010

Here's Whats NEW!!

To the left is my rendition of a pattern by Sandy from Olde Country Cupboard. I finally got around to cutting this one out and making her. I won 10 patterns from Sandy quite awhile back...this is the first one I have attempted. I love her...she was a very simple pattern..I LOVE simple! I have her listed on Ebay right now.

I also listed the next 2 cuties...brought back Simply Courtney for the holidays...I miss making this dollie...she was one of my favorites.
The first one wears a gingerbread man skirt and I made a little gingerbread to go along with her.

The 2nd one is done in a blue snowman/snowflake print...very pretty fabric. She carries a resin snowman that is looped onto her arm. It is removable and can be used anywhere.

All of them are listed on view more photos of these HERE HERE or HERE to go to ebay.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Elves are FINISHED!

As I stated in my last post....I was working on some Elves for Ebay. (I seriously need to get a website) Well, I am finally finished. Actually I finished yesterday...right on schedule. But rather than post the photos of them yesterday...I went shopping with my daughter Courtney...of Courtney's Country Cottage! was not a day filled with fabric shopping or searching for supplies....we went grocery shopping...and to Gander Mountain (of all places).

Now granted this is indeed the same pattern...and made at the same time....and made by me....however...these 2 elves look completely different... This bottom one has larger eyes....don't ask me how?....I don't know....LOL! Their hair color is slightly different and their knickers are a different homespun plaid....
Anyhoot....these 2 guys are currently up for auction. Where else...?....Ebay. You can view more photos of them by clicking HERE and HERE.
Thanks for taking a peek.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Yesterday I finished a set of Raggedies made from the Yankee Doodle Raggedies pattern designed by me which is available to purchase on Ebay, Etsy and here on my selling blog.

This set is done in rich burgundy, navy and cream homespun plaids! I just love this set and had to share some photos of them here on my blog!

It was so blustery here yesterday...rainy and windy...I had to resort to photographing inside on the old Hoosier cabinet! The photos turned out nice, but I much prefer natural lighting outdoors!

I have also listed another non-traditional Annie....not sure what to call this doll that I have been selling for quite awhile now. I need a name for her...Hahaha! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....then maybe I could turn her into pattern. For some reason, I am drawing a blank. Go figure!

Currently I am working on 2 elves. Eddy the Raggedy Elf who is also available in my pattern listings here on my selling blog, ebay and etsy. He is the elf that holds a candy cane and has the innocent look about him. I will post photos of him when I get them finished....hopefully by tomorrow....but don't hold your breath....I have laundry to do today and that will cut into my on the couch sewing time...LOL!

The photos of the other doll...the one that needs a name....turned out so badly that I didn't even want to post one...LOL! But that is her at the top of the post. I need to try to venture outside this morning and rephoto her...but even today appears to be gloomy and windy...and the deck is still wet. I don't want her to blow away and have to chase her about the yard. LOL!
To view more photos of these can click HERE and HERE.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Check out my New Dolls on Ebay...

Currently up on Ebay....are these 3 cuties! The first one is my non-traditional version of a more up-to-date Raggedy Annie. I enjoy doing this type of eye and giving her a more "glam" look.
The 2nd Annie is a more traditional Annie with a completely hand stitched face. Even her hair style is different! And YES, she does have a full head of hair. I have actually enjoyed creating this type of doll too. Change is they say. This one is decked out in a red and cream check with red rick rack near the bottom of her dress skirt.
And finally the 3rd dollie is similar to the 2nd dollie. She too has a completely hand stitched face. This one wears a red floral dress. I love this is so simple....reminds me of the old redwork items. They are all 3 on ebay as of yesterday.
You may view more photos of these little darlings by clicking HERE HERE and HERE to get to the ebay listings.

Thanks for taking a peek!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

UGH....How can I delete myself..?...Link to new site...

Yep...that's right....once again I have clicked on following myself...LOL! I was trying to set up my daughters blog and thought I was clicking for her to become a follower of mine...but I have somehow followed myself....UGH!!! This is like the blind leading the blind I swear! Oh least I can have a sense of humor about it!

But...I do have that link as promised! Please check out her blog. I think she has 2 so far. And more to come. Follow her to see all the new things she will be sharing!

To the left is a photo of one of the many wonderful creations made by her!

New Blog & Memories of Craftshow Past

Yes, today I will be helping my daughter create a blog. I will post a link to her blog once I have it set up. She desperately needs an outlet for her creativity. She makes grubby decorative candles and is really quite good at it. She makes many other items as well. Scented melts, salt dough gingerbreadmen ornies, orange slices with homespun ties to hang on the tree...and they smell wonderful...etc etc. Sometimes I think she is more creative than me...LOL! Honestly!
She isn't much of a sewer...can't sew a straight line to save her soul...but what she lacks is the sewing department...she makes up for in the candle and scented melts department.

Yesterday, I ventured out with her to a local craft show at the County College. I quickly remembered why I had stopped doing that show. And another craft show going on in that town didn't help for a good turn out either. LOL!

I do, however, remember when that show was good. Back in the late 90's and early 2000 when friend from Old Bag Designs...and I would share a booth. The show was the last one of the season...the first weekend in December...(and now it has been moved up to October?) The show would begin at 10AM and we would have ladies lined up within the booth with multiple items in their arms. We couldn't ring them up and bag the items fast enough. And this would usually last for the first 3 hours! It was AMAZING!! I really miss those days! And I also miss doing shows with Kim! (Hope you read this Kimmy) You could always count on her to make any boring moments laughable...due to her lack of sleep from trying to finish that last doll that she just KNEW was going to sell.....and usually didn't. LOL! About the only thing that I don't miss about doing shows is loading, unloading, setting up...tearing down, loading and reloading back into the garage...Hahaha! True Story! It is alot of work...and I think towards the last year of my craft show days I had finally gotten a large rolly cart so that only one trip from truck to booth was necessary. And before that....I enlisted the help of both my children to carry boxes and crates to the designated area. It had gotten to the point that just the mere mention of "craft show" would send them running to phone a friend to stay the night somewhere else so they didn't have to help...LOL! I totally prefer being able to list my dollies for sale on ebay, etsy and even here on the blog...the weather is better here....and the only thing I have to lift is myself out of the chair.

Thanks for reading my ramblings!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Dollies...?...

Well of course there will be new long as my foot will still reach the peddle of the sewing machine and as long as I can still see to thread the needle.
In the bottom photo...little cutie with raggedy red hair...I was trying out a new hairstyle. I like it...she looks adorable with bundled ponies and a headband! With her eyes peering off to the side.
I have been going a bit overboard with the Christmas prints...LOL! But, there is no time like the present to purchase new, available prints! It is PEEK SEASON!! They may not be available in mid November...and I am not willing to take that chance...hahaha!
The top cutie wears a gold and tan holly leaf print dress with a coordinating apron featuring "LET IT SNOW" written everywhere, snomen, twiggy pine trees, and patches. She looks so very innocent...I just love those eyes.
The bottom cutie wears a green with candy canes and snowflake print dress. Her apron is a red and green patchwork with snowflakes. These cuties can be better seen in my auction listing on Ebay. You can view more photos by clicking HERE and HERE

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I recently began offering a small 14" doll on Ebay. A simple Annie with a cute face. Small enough to fit just about anywhere yet large enough to be visible. They are a great little dollie! And these 4 along with 4 others are up for auction on Ebay.
This first one...I decided to do something different. A completely stitched face. Yes, even the eyes are stitched! I like how she turned out...but not sure if she will be the hit that I anticipated. Even my husband liked this new face...LOL! Maybe he is just tired of seeing those big innocent eyes on all the other dolls and this is just "NEW" to him..LOL! Either way...I do like her and have 4 more that I am currently working on and will offer 2 more with the stitched faces by the end of the day tomorrow/Friday.

Even the hair style is a bit different on these 4...and the freckles above the noses is also something different for this smaller doll.

I have done them all in various mock 2 piece dresses which all coordinate nicely. I am a hoarder when it comes to fabric and save even the smallest scrap....and that is a good thing when it comes to creating these cuties. It was fun digging thru the drawer to find things that went well together. And yes, I even forced myself to toss some out that was just too small to make even a dress bodice. LOL! I think I finally realized that if I don't start getting rid of teeny tiny scraps....I will require some sort of hoarding therapy in the future. And I don't want that!!

If you would like to see more photos of these adorable little can click on the links HERE HERE

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Christmas Annies EDITED

I don't know....does anyone else think maybe I am jumping the gun on Christmas dollies? There is just so much holiday fabric right is at its peak. Bolt after bolt...just screaming "BUY ME NOW" I did! LOL! I was reeling with excitement when my daughter and I went shopping last fact...I even put some of it back! But there were certain prints that were just too hard to resist. I think I am going to go have another look today! LOL! are 2 new cuties that currently reside in my Etsy shop. For more pics of these 2 holiday cuties click HERE and HERE. They are being offered for 15.99 each! A great time to snatch them up and put them away for someone special this holiday season. Or for use for decorating your own home. Thank you for taking a moment to read my blog!

Thank you Sally from Milwaukee!! These cuties will now reside in Wisconsin....wish I did!