Friday, August 20, 2010

Mystik and Majik~and a bit about my garden...

NEW pattern #133 is my 1st attempt at a folk art-ish cat and baby. I think they turned out pretty nicely for a first timer. LOL! I have the finished dolls listed on ebay right now and the pattern for them is also within my listings...Just click HERE to go to the ebay doll listing or click HERE to go to the listing for the pattern.
Currently I am working on a new design for a Pilgrim Pair...not quite sure what they will be called yet...but the bodies are stuffed and awaiting the paint for their boots and the stain for their bodies... I think I will try my hand at some sculpted faces for them and realistic looking eyes for a change...?...Hmmmm?
I have also been spending alot of time in the kitchen. With the garden producing fresh veggies for me to can it has been keeping me quite busy. Today I canned tomaotes and green beans and made some garlic and dill pickles...Yummmmmmm! I think totally this season I have done maybe a bit over a dozen quarts of tomatoes. And we had such a problem with rabbits early on eating the green beans...they are now a late crop...but producing nicely...I cannot complain! I think we will be eating fresh throughout the winter to come. Every little bit helps.
Thanks for takin' a peek and allowing me to share a bit with you.