Friday, March 26, 2010

FINISHED DOLL up for grabs

That is right...I have decided to sell this Easter cutie right here on this very blog. I will be offering her until March 31st. Here is a bit about her....

She is made from muslin and stained with a blend of coffee and tea for a perfectly prim skin tone...and is approximately 16" in height. She wears a pink with white polka dot dress. Her pinafore apron is a coordinating Easter Egg print in a multitude of colors. There are 2 teal buttons at the chest of the pinafore top. I have given her a bunny prim tag tied around her neck.
She wears unstained muslin bloomers beneath her dress. Her socks are painted off white. Her mary jane style shoes are painted black and sanded. There are 2 teal buttons attached at the mock shoe straps. Her face is hand drawn, hand painted, shaded and sealed. Her hair is cinnamon wool. I have attached a matching fabric bow just off center in her hairline.

She comes complete with a little chocolate Easter Bunny in a wicker basket. The bunny is a purchased features a coordinating shiny satin ribbon at neck and floral embroidery on its side.
As dolls are designed for home decorating/collecting and NOT intended for use as a they have small accent items which may pose a choking hazaard to small children.
Doll is available for sale on on my Etsy sidebar.


  1. She is just precious....wonderful work on her!

  2. Hi! Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how cute your dolls are! I just started my blog and currently doing one doll pattern by My Raggedy dolls - but I'm going to have to try yours too! I'm in the process of designing a doll pattern - it's still in the works, but hope to have it on my blog soon. Happy sewing!