Monday, February 8, 2010

New Pattern And Finished dolls Available~Piper and Mitzie

New paper pattern is available on my selling blog, etsy and ebay for 21" Piper and 10" Mitzie....a pair of wonderfully whimsical kitties. The finished dolls are also up for grabs on Ebay.... A really adorable set for the cat lover. They are stained with a blend of coffee and tea and wear a matching outfit.
You can check out the pattern by clicking HERE for the selling blog.....HERE for Etsy.....or HERE for ebay.
You can check out the finished dolls on ebay by clicking HERE...
Thanks for takin' a quick peek at Piper and Mitzie.


  1. Adorable! I'd love to treat myself to the pattern, but my son who has been laid off needs an eye exam and a teeth cleaning. Add to that DH is having trouble w/his share of the bills - can't a girl catch a break and splurge a litte? I marked you as a fav on Etsy!

  2. how sweet.. I love your patterns.. have a couple.