Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy hands are Happy hands?

These are the 3 NEW annies I have listed on Ebay. This will be the last St. Patricks Day Annie for this year. I actually enjoyed working with that sort of fabric this year...didn't do much of it last year. The other 2 Simply Courtney Annies are done in pastel Spring type fabrics. And for some reason...lately I am drawn to blues rather than pinks.
Just thought I'd post these quick before American Idol comes on....the guys sing tonite. I really like that Garcia guy who redid the Paula Abdul song "Straight Up"...what a unique twist.
Check these cuties out on eBay when you get a minute...Thanks!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


The winner has been drawn by my Husband, Randy. Lucky #7! The 7th comment on the blog was chosen. MADISMOME is THE WINNER! I will need you to contact me thru my email and let me know your name and shipping address. Here is my email...
Thank you to all of you who entered this drawing for this "Lost Annie"...LOL...
I enjoyed it so much...I am going to do another....SOOOON...I pinky promise...!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Giveaway ENDED TODAY is over....I think I let this go for toooooo long! But, it was my very first giveaway and I wanted you all to get a good chance at it...I appreciate all the new followers I have now...big smiles and hugs to all of you for following my blog and signing up for this giveaway. I will be doing a pattern giveaway on Monday, February 22 on my selling keep your eyes peeled for that one...YAY...and who knows...I may even run one on here too....for a finished dollie sometime next week. I can hardly wait to draw a winner!

These are photos of the new Hayden w/baby Iggy I have listed on check those out when you get a chance.

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Pattern And Finished dolls Available~Piper and Mitzie

New paper pattern is available on my selling blog, etsy and ebay for 21" Piper and 10" Mitzie....a pair of wonderfully whimsical kitties. The finished dolls are also up for grabs on Ebay.... A really adorable set for the cat lover. They are stained with a blend of coffee and tea and wear a matching outfit.
You can check out the pattern by clicking HERE for the selling blog.....HERE for Etsy.....or HERE for ebay.
You can check out the finished dolls on ebay by clicking HERE...
Thanks for takin' a quick peek at Piper and Mitzie.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Pattern Now Available~Hayden and Iggy

Paper pattern #126 is now available for Hayden & Iggy. I worked on this most of the day yesterday.... You can find the pattern listed here on my selling blog by clicking THIS LINK or you may purchase her from Etsy or clicking HERE or HERE.

I have included a close up color photo of her facial features on the 4th page of the pattern instructions....and of course I always give you contact information for any questions you have during the construction of this (or any) doll of mine.

Thank you in advance for taking a peek at Hayden & Iggy!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

HAYDEN & IGGY~New bunny and baby design

Hayden and her baby Iggy are my new Mama Bunny and Baby design. Hayden is 23" tall. Iggy is 9". They are both made from muslin and stained with a mix of coffee and tea.
Baby Iggy hangs from Haydens hand by a safety pin. She wears a matching fabric dress. Haydens boots have 6 buttons per boot that her shoe laces wrap around and tie near the top.

I have 2 sets of Hayden and Iggy listen on ebay now. I am working on the pattern for them and hope to be finished over the weekend....To view more HERE and HERE

Friday, February 5, 2010

Finished Doll FOR SALE

This Simply Courtney doll featured here will be listed for sale on my selling blog today. She is a 23" Raggedy Ann type dollie done in a deep red print blouse. It has various sayings such as Gourmet, Slice and Dice, Recipe etc. The skirt is a deep red, blue and green patchwork featuring Chefs....I love those fat chefs! She has raggedy red wool hair and a hand drawn, painted, shaded, and sealed face. Her bloomers are muslin and primitive stitched at each leg opening. Her shoes are painted and sanded...she has painted socks topped with scalloped edge lace. She is a real cutie....
You can check her out HERE